Air University (AU)

Air University is a public sector university in Pakistan. The university was founded in 2002 by the Pakistan Air Force (PAF). The main campus is situated near the Margalla Hills in sector E-9 of Capital territory Islamabad. University is a degree-awarding independent organization and its graduates are offered good positioning opportunities in the job market. Further, there are two campuses of Air University; Kamra and Multan campus. AIR University offers graduate, postgraduate, and master's degrees. Currently, the total enrolled students are 8000 and 9000 are alumni. University has 19 societies and 370 faculty members. University provides scholarships and financial aid to students on merit & financial basis as well. This university graded among the top ten universities of the country in category of Engineering and Technology by HEC (Higher Education Commission). Air University is approved by HEC and empowered by the Pakistan Engineering Council and Pakistan Medical Commission.

Kamra Campus:

The campus is established in the neighborhood of Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra and has an association with Aviation Research Innovation and Development, Aviation Design Institution, and National Aerospace Science and Technology Park.

Air Unviversity Kamra

Multan Campus:

In 2011, Air University officially opened its second campus in Multan, Punjab, Pakistan. It provides undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in management sciences, accounting and finance, information technology, mathematics, and computer science.

Air University Multan


  • Faculty of Aerospace and Strategic Studies
  • Faculty of Avionics and Aeronautics
  • Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences
  • Faculty of Computing and Artificial Intelligence
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Air University of School and Management


The university offers the following programs:

Discipline BS, BE MS/ M Phil Ph.D.
Electrical Engineering
Computer Engineering
Mechatronics Engineering
Cyber Security
Mechanical Engineering
Information Security
Aerospace Engineering
BioMedical Engineering
System Security
Avionics Engineering
Business Administration
Accounting and Finance
Artificial Intelligence
Gaming and Multimedia
Information Technology
Management Sciences
Data Science
Strategic Studies
Software Engineering
Project Management
Health Care Management
Tourism and Hospitality Management
Aviation Management
Business Analytis
International Relations

Admission Process:

You can apply for admission at "". Applicants must have 50% marks. The admission process is very simple. Following documents are required for admission:

  • Attested academic certificates
  • Attested domicile
  • Three passport size photographs with admit card number on back
  • B Form
  • Father CNIC


Air University provides many facilities to the students which includes scholarships and research labs.


The Graduate Research Initiative Program at AU is a way for the university to give back to society. This program prepares students to take on professional challenges in order to pursue outstanding leadership positions in industry and academia. Particular candidates can avail the following perks under this scheme.

  • Stipend of Rs. 40,000/- per month
  • Financial Grant
  • Merit Scholarship
  • Employee Concession
  • Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Project
  • Fazaia Educations Welfare Scheme
  • Punjab Education Endowment Fund Scheme
  • PM tuition fee reimbursement scheme
  • Educate to Innovate Scholarship Scheme
  • Full fee waiver

Research Labs:

  • Journal of Business and Economics
  • Erevna Journal of Linguistics and Literature
  • Corporum: Journal of Corpus Linguistics
  • Centre of Excellence for CPEC
  • National Centre for Cyber Security

Affiliated Institutes:

  • Bilquis College of Education for Women, Chaklala, Rawalpindi
  • Fazaia College of Education for Women, Lahore
  • Aero Medical Institute, PAF Base, Masroor, Karachi
  • College of Education, Peshawar
  • College of Education for Women Peshawar

WBM Care Collaborates with Air University

WBM Care works together with AIR University to spread attention toward development and research. This collaboration will provide a platform for WBM to aware people about natural and organic personal care products. The collaboration provides career & job opportunities to students. This builds a strong relationship with AIR University related to their career growth and young professionals. This partnership also promotes awareness of Personal Care products among young students. The main focus of this collaboration is on career opportunities, growth, research, innovation, and development.

Partnership with WBM for Career Fair:

In partnership with the Air University, WBM Care will host a career fair. It allows students to make contacts with possible employment. The goal is to provide pupils with a higher level of knowledge as well as the skills and mentality to seek out new information. They must establish a professional career and make well-informed decisions. The goal is to improve both student employability and the university's international reputation. Students will obtain the most up-to-date knowledge and information to assist them to advance in their careers. The university's Career Development Center provides students with hands-on training in order to prepare them for future competitive employment.

Partnership of WBM by singing MOU:

WBM Care will sign the Memorandum in collaboration with Air University. This will enhance understanding between the Brand and University. This will boost academic and research activities. The MOU will provide a platform for graduates to excel in research projects. Students will be able to share their experiences and ideas. MOU is more reliable than an agreement. MOU will able us to communicate on a higher level of respect and seriousness. Graduates and undergraduates will be eligible to join and take part in training, job, and internship programs under the circumstances of the MOU.

The main objectives of MOU are:

Internships and Training:

Students can obtain industrial experience by taking part in courses and internships.

COOP program:

The brand and the institute work in collaboration with HR. By merging their work with the learning will able students to think and create creatively.

Webinars and Workshops:

This collaboration aids in the preparation of seminars and lectures at the university level.

Final Year Tasks:

The selection and implementation of the final year tasks are aided and directed by the students.

Training Program:

Students can join in hands-on training after signing an MOU of Understanding.


Joint Partnership implants the brand in the brains of the future leaders through the activation of the campus.


The attempt of the parties to cooperate following the adoption of the MOU of Understanding will benefit them in placing their logos.

Offers and Discounts:

University students can avail discounts and offers.

Partnership of WBM with Air University for Exhibition Stalls:

WBM Care and the Air University will set up display stands in the future as part of their relationship. The main goal is to provide students with a variety of perks as well as scholarships to assist them to develop new talents. As a result, students will be capable to study the most current technological and imaginative advancements. WBM Care is a personal care brand located in the United States that exhibits its vast range of products at Pakistan's prominent colleges and universities.

WBM Ideas and Air University:

WBM Ideas empowers individuals by allowing them to share their ideas and make the shape of them. It helps people to attain their objectives by educating them on current employment skills and practices. The student will be able to turn their ideas into actual and receive help at any level of the process, including research, financial agreements, development, design, manufacturing, and product, a market study of competing products, customer satisfaction, and quality control. The university's incubation center allows creative students to begin working on real-world ideas before graduating.

Joint Partnership of UOL with WBM Ideas in Future.

WBM Offers independent platforms for budding entrepreneurs can accomplish their ideas to promote their careers. The entrepreneurs can go to WBM's incubation centers. The collaboration of UOL and WBM Ideas promotes cooperation and builds a trusting partnership to solve technological problems.

WBM Ideas deals in
  • Financial Arrangements,
  • R & D,
  • Product Design & Manufacturing,
  • Manufacturing and Finishing Cost Management
  • Product Certifications & Documentation
  • Branding & Brand Story
  • The Market Analysis of the Competitive Products in the Market
  • Sales Forecast & Analytical tools
  • Warehouse & Shipping Logistics
  • Quality Control,
  • E-commerce & Website Development
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Public Relations

With the joint partnership of both parties, this can bring innovation, insight, and knowledge through the analysis. UOL has already been working on different incubation or research centers for the betterment of mankind. Currently, UOL has:

  • Agri-Biotechnology Park
  • Center for Research in Molecular Medicine
  • Radiology Research Section

Collaborating for these incubation centers allows the space for the students to execute their ideas. This allows the students to develop ideas and turn them into businesses. Students get feedback on the ideas and learn from the professional experiences. So, incubation centers with the collaborative efforts of WBM and UOL to receive mentorship.

WBM Foundation and AIR University:

WBM Foundation is a non-profit organization. It works for the betterment of the environment. The goal of the foundation is to make the earth green. Foundation has planted billions of trees all over Pakistan. Foundation has conducted many events on different platforms. The foundation celebrates all the days related to the environment such as:

  • Water Day
  • Forest Day
  • Wood Day
  • Planting Day
  • Earth Day
  • Ocean Day

The main objective of the WBM Foundation is to make the environment clean and green. A clean and green environment will ultimately lead the planet towards sustainability. WBM Foundation will collaborate with AIR University. Foundation will conduct plantation activities at the AIR University. The purpose of this activity will be to the aware youngster about the importance of the environment. This will provide job and internship opportunities to students. This may broaden the vision of students.


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