Bahria University (BU)

Bahria University is a well-known public sector university that offers different programs with campuses in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. It falls in the top 10 universities of Pakistan with a good number of students and alumni. This university gives an excellent educational experience with a peaceful environment. WBM collaborated with Bahria University for mutual benefits. The brand will work for the betterment of students and fresh graduates and in return, it will get marketing benefits. WBM provide a platform to students and graduates where they can practice their knowledge and skills. This collaboration will be fruitful for the students as this will provide more and more opportunities. In this collaboration WBM will market their brand which is not only marketing but a solution for grocery and other house products. WBM like to work on other projects in collaboration with Bahria University which will be more beneficial for the students. WBM collaborated in a career fair at Bahria University where they did interviews and hiring.


Bahria University was established in the year 2000 by the Pakistan Navy. It was granted as a semi-government university. Its main campus is in Islamabad and has campuses in Lahore and Karachi also. Since then, it is providing quality higher education and become one of the leading institutes of Pakistan. It is playing its part to groom future leaders who will make a positive impact on the world.

Bahria University


Bahria University has campuses that cover the major cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. The university has defined centers for Psychology, Maritime policy, and Medical & Dental Research.

  • Bahria University Islamabad Campus
  • Bahria University Lahore Campus
  • Bahria University Karachi Campus
  • Institute of Professional Psychology, Karachi
  • National Center of Maritime Policy & Research, Karachi
  • Bahria University Medical & Dental Research, Karachi


Bahria University offers all the departments with highly qualified faculty. They deal in the 4 major faculties. All these faculties further include departments and programs and all of them have Head of the Department (HOD), Professor, Assistant Professor, and Lecturers.

  • Faculty of Engineering Sciences
  • Faculty of Management Sciences
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Faculty of professional Psychology


Bahria University is a comprehensive university providing a wide range of programs on all of its campuses. It provides undergraduate, post-graduate, and doctoral science. Their programs include:

  • Management Sciences
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Law Studies
  • Computer Sciences
  • Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Professional psychology
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Medical and Dental Sciences
  • All of the above programs are categorized further into Degrees/ Studies


For academic research purposes, Bahria University put forward research institutes to deal with the problems. In this way, they teach their students about problem-solving. Bahria University Created Bahria Innovation Center which covers almost all the topics that require research. These includes:

  • Cyber Reconnaissance and Combat (CRC)
  • Multimedia Data Analytic Research (MDAR)
  • Center for Advance IOT Research (CAIR)
  • Mobile systems, Interaction, Network, Distributed Systems (MINDS)
  • Circuit and Signal Processing Group (CASP)
  • Institute of Innovative Solutions Through Professional Psychology (ISPP)
  • Legal Aid Clinic (LAC)
  • Center for Media Research, Production and Commercialization (CMRPC)
  • Pakistan China Study & Research Center (PCSRC
  • Research Center for Rehabilitation Sciences (RCRS)
  • Integrated Basic Medical Sciences (IBMS)
These are some of the major research institutes of Bahria University. Along with above all, there are many other research institutes also.


Bahria University provides numerous facilities for the benefit of the students

International Linkages

Bahria University has linkages with many international universities which provide several advantages for both university and students. These advantages include

  • Exchange of faculty and students
  • Exchange or research fellows
  • Joint conference and seminars
  • Sharing of information and resource
  • Staff development
  • Students visit

PERN Facility

Pakistan Education & Research Network is the only research and education network of Pakistan launched in 2002. PERN provides the following advantages

  • Access to International Internet Bandwidth.
  • Access to over 11,000 Scientific Journals through Digital Library.
  • Four or more public IP addresses for use by the university.
  • Broadband link to other universities.
  • Infrastructure for point-to-point video conferencing.
  • Sharing of large-size data amongst universities.

Health Care & Medical

Bahria University provides health care for its employees. Along with all the hospital benefits employees can get a discount from 10% to 25% on spectacles, lab tests, and medicines. A medical center is created at the university campus, Karachi to deal with student emergencies, where medical officers, medical assistants are available all the time.


The university does not focus only on studies but also focus on co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. So, the campus has a gymnasium facility where students can enjoy indoor games and can have a workout. This gymnasium has a specified place for basketball and badminton.

Microsoft DreamSpark

University has Microsoft dream spark, a software distribution website, students and faculty, and staff can buy software at a discounted price.

Hostel Facility

University gives hostel facilities for the students who belong to distant areas to give them a safe environment.

Media Lab

The department of media studies provides practical labs along with theoretical studies. The university has launched campus FM Radio, Bahria Web TV, Bahria Web Radio, and Bahria Online Newspaper. Students can practice their studies in the media lab. They can host shows on TV and Radio. They can participate in Campus FM Radio shows. They can write articles on Online Newspaper.

IT Services

The University’s Information Technology (IT) Services assist students in maintaining a secure infrastructure that supports our teaching, learning, and research goals. It offers a wide range of services to the university community, including:

  • Support for LAN comprising Windows XP, Windows 7, Window 2003 server R2, Windows 2008 server, and UNIX services providing account authentication, file storage, network printing, web page, and e-mail
  • Wi-Fi network across the University.
  • Essential help desk and core desktop support services including configuration and installation of new personal computers and troubleshooting of hardware and software issues.
  • Computer and multimedia classrooms.
  • Computer laboratories that are used for a variety of purposes.
  • Intranet course management systems are supported.
  • applications are hosted on a database and a web server.
  • Applications for desktop productivity.
  • Clients who use Linux.
  • Installation, setup, and security of Microsoft Windows operating systems.
  • Faculty, staff, and professional students have access to e-mail systems that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

WBM Collaboration with Bahria University by Signing MOU

WBM wants to collaborate with Bahria University by signing MOU. The MOU signing will open the doors for the students to research seamlessly in their favorite departments. This will help students to share their ideas with professionals in the field. Through this MOU students can get their training and internships in WBM where they can learn from the experience of professionals.

Career Fair

WBM has collaborated a Career Fair with Bahria University where they exhibit the objectives of WBM. Where they have done good work on building the careers of the students. Taught them about choosing the right profession and how they become experts in their profession. They took interviews of some students and hired a few in their respective fields. WBM will also take part in further career fairs with more vacancies to accommodate more and more students and help build their careers.

WBM Ideas

WBM idea is an organization that promotes entrepreneurship. The company invites the students to bring their creative business ideas and the company will help them to build their business. The company will create incubation centers where they teach the students about entrepreneurship. WBM will support them financially and will teach them about business.

WBM Ideas mainly deals in the following:

  • Financial Arrangements,
  • R & D,
  • Product Design & Manufacturing,
  • The Market Analysis of the Competitive Products in the Market,
  • Quality Control, and
  • Customer Satisfaction.
Bahria University Idea

WBM Foundation

WBM Foundation is a non-profit organization that works for the improvement of the environment. They collaborated with Bahria University and planted an enormous amount of trees to make the environment green. This organization educates people about the necessity of the environment and encourages them to plant more and more trees which is now the only major solution to deal with environmental problems.

Future Plans

WBM has collaborated with Bahria University and wants to collaborate in the future which will be beneficial for both university and the company. WBM will take part in the exhibitions of the university where they market their brand and in return provide job opportunities to the students.


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