Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) FCCU

The FC College was initially named Mission College but in 1864, the name was changed to Forman Christian College. The Founder of this College is DR Charles, William Forman. The fundamental goal of this college is to establish a vision for providing high-quality education to the people while also contributing to their academic, economic, and social growth. The FC College was small, but by struggling, the Forman Cristian College is now grown into an academically strong one that offers its students a wide range of opportunities. FC College welcomes all the student’s from all the regions to give them an environment like abroad where they live, grow and learn and a place where they can live like home. Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) mission is to impart, create and spread information, as well as to generate informed, ethical, and responsible citizens

who are prepared and committed to learn, lead and serve; individuals who embody the FCCU slogan, "By love serve one another." The goal of the College is to teach and empower students with great written, oral, and quantitative skills who can assess a steady outflow of data. The vision of the FCCU is to be acknowledged as one of the very best educational institutes in the entire world. This is in keeping with the important reputation it earned throughout its first century of existence. WBM Care is going to collaborate with the FCCU in the future. It’s a good decision for both the University and the Company as the university students will get a good platform for learning practices and the company will market the quality of their care-related products to the students. This will help the students to improve their career growth. The main focus is Innovation, Research & Development, and Sustainability.

Branches of FCCU.

The Forman Christian College has only one branch located at Zahoor Elahi Road near Main Market Gulberg Lahore.


  • School of Management
  • Faculty of Computer and Mathematical Sciences
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Center for Public Policy and Governance
Forman Christian College

Programs offered at FCCU.

FCCU has developed academic programs for Bachelor (Hons) and Postgraduate levels in response to market demands over the years. The list of the programs are:

  • Executive MBA
  • MS Computer Science.
  • MPhil English / Urdu
  • MPhil Molecular Pathology and Genomics
  • MPhil Environmental Sciences
  • MPhil Applied Economics.
  • Ph.D. Applied Economics.

Admission Procedure.

FCCU has developed academic programs for Bachelor (Hons) and Postgraduate levels in response to market demands over the years. The list of the programs are:

  • For admission, you must first visit the website given below ( Then click the option admissions.
  • Then select the program you want to study.
  • Then click on the apply button for further procedure.
  • Share the related documents which they demand like Matric Result Card, CNIC, Father CNIC, etc.
  • After that pay the application processing fee.
  • The entry test date and interview date will be given to you after all procedures.
  • Bring all the documents when you visit the FCCU.

FCCU Admission Date.

The Date for admission to Forman Christian College is November 2022 every year. For more information about the admissions, you have to keep in touch with the FCCU website. All the information regarding the admissions is available on the website.

WBM Collaborates with FCCU by Signing MOU in Future.

First Party is an academic center of excellence and a leading general university that is looking to engage with industry and business sectors to provide knowledge in terms of competent teachers as well as market exposure to their students through internships and placement possibilities. The Second Party is a multinational corporation that is willing to collaborate in the interests of both parties.

Objectives of MOU:

To establish a strategic alliance and seamless linkage between the parties in the areas of learning and development, research, innovation, and entrepreneurship, as well as additional outlets such as consulting, cooperative educational programs, and career opportunities for FCCU participants.

Internships and Jobs:

WBM Care gives the priority to the students and offer them internships, MTO programs, and permanent posts

COOP Program:

Through the Coop Program, parties will collaborate in the specialty HR development

Workshops and Seminars:

With the collaborative effects, together WBM Care and the FC hosts workshops, seminars, and webinars within their domain

Guest Speaker Sessions:

With mutual consent, WBM Care and FC collaborate on senior management visits to the WBM premises as Guest Speaker Sessions, Project Evaluations, and Roadmap Adjustments

From Project to Product:

Collaboration between the brand-institute assists and oversee the students in the execution and selection of the practical final year projects

Corporate Industry Advisory Board:

The first party shall appoint representatives of the second party to their corporate business advisory board, which will advise the first party on the current industry trends and needs, which the first party may subsequently incorporate into their curriculum.

Faculty Internships:

The Second Party to Offer Faculty Internships.

Orientation Tours:

With cooperation, WBM Care will assist students with their class projects, assignments, case studies, and Orientation (Industrial) tours

Workshops, Courses, and Certifications:

The Second Party will provide hands-on training workshops to the students in its factory/office premises to make them more marketable

On-Campus Brand Activation:

As per SOPs and Rules and Regulations, WBM Care and the FC both help each other is raising awareness about the brand

Senior Management Interviews:

The partnership provides a platform for the senior management to conduct interviews on the TV channel

Social Media Marketing:

After the MoU is signed, the party’s names and logos will be prominently displayed on each other's websites/webpages, including social media. Placement can be negotiated if both parties agree

Consulting Program:

This collaboration will provide technical and management consulting, advisory services, and maximize business performance through multi-disciplinary, innovative customized solutions with mutual consent.

Sustainable Development Initiative (SDI):

The parties agree to develop joint proposals for the development and implementation of a Students and Social Development Initiative, which includes health and safety workshops, seminars, volunteer work, Green Week participation, and other CSR activities.

Corporate Discount:

If three collective industry participants apply for admission, a group discount of a straight 30% will be provided.

WBM Job Fair at FCCU.

WBM can collaborate with different universities to do creative and specialty about your products, services. You can also work on projects that will help you innovate in your industry and establish yourself as a true market leader. WBM should work with the institutions of higher education to develop internship programs. This will help the students to gain real-world and hands-on experience in which they are studying. WBM can create locations and events where employees, instructors, and students can come together to think about specific difficulties in your industry. Also, WBM can develop a stable course of highly qualified job applicants. This will help many peoples who are seeking full-time job opportunities with WBM and this will make your organization more competitive.

FCCU & WBM Job Career Fair

WBM Foundation & FCCU.

WBM Foundation wants to make better the living environment by making it more creative and healthier. Our Earth needs trees because trees clean our air and fight climate change. Without trees, our world would be an extremely different place. The WBM Foundation will collaborate with the FCCU in the future to build a garden space in the world. This will promote people and plants to collaborate. This would increase WBM awareness and marketing in Pakistan while also raising educational standards. This collaboration is expected to continue in the future, to the pleasure of all parties involved. Both the University and the Company benefit greatly from the WBM Foundation. The goal of the WBM Foundation is to plant as many trees on the planet earth

WBM Foundation

that can oxidize the maximum amount of harmful hydrocarbons from the air. Also, we make the World green and pure. Our only objective is to create a habitable green Earth and a better world for the present and future generations. We understand that we won't be able to tackle the climate disaster unless we acknowledge the unjust impact of environmental challenges. We exist to ensure the well-being of our planet and future generations. The WBM Foundation is a nationally and internationally known non-profit with a global reach. With about four million supporters and a global network active in various nations, it is one of the world’s largest and most experienced independent environmental organizations. Together, this healthy collaboration will be successful for future growth.


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