Gujranwala institute of future technology (GIFT)

GIFT University was founded in 2002 to make a positive difference in society by providing high-quality education to the youth of the Gujranwala division, as well as becoming a regional educational leader. Looking back to 2002, no university between Lahore and Islamabad could educate and prepare young people to play a meaningful part in the industry's development and progress. GIFT University is proud to be the region's first university, and it is now the BEST university in the region, with a ‘W4’ ranking and HEC certification. GIFT University is also proud to be Gujranwala's only chartered university. Gujranwala division is one of Pakistan's key industrial hubs, and it demands a skilled and properly prepared workforce to fulfill

the difficulties and expectations of today's consumers. The Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Gujranwala Business Center, Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry, SMEDA, NPO, and several other organizations maintain close ties with GIFT University. GIFT University's CRD (Corporate Relations Department) assists students in obtaining internships or job placements by actively connecting with the industry. GIFT University has supplied current world facilities, internationally experienced professors, and the best infrastructure to ensure the quality of education for the region's youth and young professionals, with a mission to provide international standard education to the region's youth.

Gift University

Collaborations between universities and businesses can help businesses increase their internal research and innovation. Industrial researchers work with academic researchers to find current research that can be used to design and develop new processes and products. WBM Care is now cooperating with GIFT University for future benefits. Learning about new technology is good for students as well as university student projects. We provide students with a platform to showcase their abilities while also guiding them in selecting which industry is the best fit for them. Collaboration benefits both the university and the firm. For the university's and its brand's advertising, we also supply plantation awareness.

The vision of the Gift University is to make a difference in society by being a leading educational and research institution that uses cutting-edge technology to provide intellectually challenging, professionally relevant, progressive, and innovative education that is compatible with our national values and open to all. The mission of the Gift University is:

  • Employs highly competent faculty with a track record of research accomplishments.
  • Employ skilled and professional administrative personnel to ensure a high-quality student intake.
    The core values of the Gift University are:
  • Maintain Islamic ideals of human dignity, equality, social justice, fairness, and ethical conduct, resulting in an educational institution that treats all students equally and does not discriminate based on gender, caste, color, creed, or socioeconomic status.
  • Maintain a high level of professionalism, transparency, and responsibility.
  • Strive for the best academic standards possible.
  • Make consultative decision-making a priority.

Campuses of Gift University:

Gift University has its main branch in Gujranwala and it is located at GIFT University Chowk, Lothian Wala, Gujranwala, Punjab at this campus, four major Schools are located that are School of Engineering & Applied Sciences, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, School of Fine Arts, and Design & Architecture and GIFT Business School.

Programs Offered at Gift University:

Gift Business School

  • BS Accounting and Finance
  • BS Business Administration
  • M.Com
  • MPhil Economics
  • BS Business Economics
  • BCOM (Hons)
  • MBA (For non-business graduates)
  • MPhil Management Sciences
  • BS Economic Development and Policy Study
  • MSc Accounting and Finance
  • MBA Executive
  • Ph.D. Management Sciences

School of Arts and Social Sciences

  • Advanced Diploma in Clinical Psychology
  • BS Clinical Psychology
  • BS Islamic Studies
  • BS Islamic Thought and Culture
  • BS Sociology
  • BS Urdu Language and Literature
  • MSc Home Economics (Food and Nutrition)
  • PGD in English Language Teaching
  • English
  • MPhil Applied Linguistic
  • BS Social Media
  • BS International Relations
  • BS Islamic Business & Economics
  • BS Education
  • BS Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • BS Arabic Language
  • MA Mass Communication and Media Studies
  • MPhil Mass Com
  • MPhil English
  • MPhil Psychology
  • BS Psychology
  • BS Mass Communication & Media Studies
  • BS Islamic Finance
  • BS Political Science
  • BS English
  • MSc Home Economics (Interior Design
  • MA English Language & Literature

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences:

  • BS Electrical Engineering
  • BS Software Engineering
  • BS Mathematics
  • MS Computer Science
  • BS Computer Science
  • BS Data Science

School of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture:

  • BS Home Economics (Interior Design)
  • BS Visual Arts – Calligraphy
  • BDes (Hons.) Graphic Design
  • BS Home Economics (Food and Nutrition
  • BS Visual Arts – Painting
  • BDes (Hons.) Textile and Fashion

Admission Process:

To apply online to GIFT University are:

  • Visit the Website of Gift University.
  • Then go to Apply Online
  • There is a form of Application Form is available online
  • Fill in the required credentials.
  • Matriculation and intermediate or equivalent examinations with a minimum of 50% grades.
  • A written admission test will be required of prospective students.
  • Admission is suggested only for individuals who meet the minimum eligibility criteria and pass the written test.

Admission Dates:

The admissions are still open at Gift University and students can apply before the last week of November 2022. The entry test will be conducted to give admissions to the students on a merit basis. Students who want to get enrolled in Master’s and Postgraduate Programs can also apply before the last date.

Mega Carrier Fairs and Exhibition Stalls by Collaborating with Gift University:

WBM is pleased to announce a new partnership with Gift University. The goal of this collaboration is to provide job opportunities for university students through joint programming and initiatives. This collaboration will allow for a better connection with the community, while also providing students with valuable career resources. WBM Care allows the students to work practically while doing their studies. This will help the students to think creatively and make their skills better. The students will market the unique and quality products of WBM Care. The students get job opportunities and internships to learn in a better way. You can create locations and events where employees, university officials, instructors, and students can come together to talk and think about specific difficulties or opportunities in your industry. Students in a business school, for example, can benefit from meeting with people in client-facing or operational roles in your company so that everyone can talk about trends, projections, best practices, and so on.

Objectives of MOU:

From Project to Product:

The WBM Care will assist and oversee the students of the Gift University in the selection and execution of practical and futuristic Final Year Projects (FYPs).

Workshops and Seminars:

The Gift University will provide the platform for WBM Care to host workshops, seminars, and webinars within their domain.

Internships and Jobs:

According to the policies, WBM Care will offer Gift University students priority for internships, MTO programs, and permanent posts.

Orientation Tours:

With cooperation, WBM Care will assist Gift University Students with their class projects, assignments, case studies, and Orientation (Industrial) tours at the Second Party's premises as and when required.

Faculty Internships:

The WBM Care has to offer internships for faculty of Gift University on priority.

Social Media Marketing:

After the MOU is signed then both of the parties WBM Care and Gift University have to place their name, and logo's prominently on each other websites also social media will be included. The placement will be discussed as per mutual understanding.

Sustainable Creation Initiative (SDI):

The parties agree to establish cooperative recommendations for the development and implementation of the Students and Social Development Initiative, which includes health and safety workshops, seminars, volunteer work, Green Week participation, and other CSR activities.

Consulting Programs:

Gift University has to provide Technical and Management Consultancy with a mutual understanding to WBM Care to increase the business performance through an innovative solution.

Corporate Discount:

A group discount of straight 30% will be offered if three collective participants from the industry will apply for admission

WBM Foundation & Gift University:

WBM Foundation is a non-profit organization that works on an important cause: environmental sustainability. WBM Foundation is a corporation established under Section 42 of the Companies Act of 2017. (Repealed Ordinance 1984). Take bold steps to SAVE MOTHER EARTH. Restoring the masses to conserve and preserve a sustainable healthy environment, as well as to reverse terrible climate change, to achieve solid results that will benefit future generations. The Goal of the WBM Foundation is to plant as many trees on the planet as possible to oxidize as many harmful hydrocarbons from the air as possible. We also make the world green and pure by collaborating with various organizations such as the Health Department, Environment Department, Mining Department, Go Green Welfare, PHA, WASA, Irrigation Department, Punjab Forest Department, and Education Department, among others.

WBM Foundation ‘’When we all work together, we can protect the Environment’’

Our objective is to create a livable green Earth and a better world for current and future generations. We envision a healthy, prosperous world in which societies are perpetually dedicated to caring for and valuing nature for the long-term benefit of people and all life on Earth. Since January 2009, the WBM Foundation has been organizing healthy environmental activities to raise public awareness about the importance of working for a healthy environment and making our mother earth greener for future generations. The WBM Foundation focuses on the most pressing environmental issues of our time. As we bring together individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations from around the world to support people and the planet, our network exemplifies the power of collective action. Together, WBM Foundation with the Gift University collaboration can build a healthy environment on the earth, making people aware of how to protect their surroundings and the natural resources on earth.


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