Hajvery University (HU)

Hajvery University is a degree-awarding university chartered by the Pakistani government. It is ranked as a top-category university by Pakistan's Higher Education Commission (HEC). Hajvery Institution is a comprehensive research and teaching university with approximately 8,500 male and female students. They study in seven faculties and 23+ degree programs, from bachelor’s to doctorate levels. As we know that education is a huge occupation. It requires a lot of effort, patience, dedication, and focus. Each of us has the primary purpose of seeing you succeed in your studies. At Hajvery University, education is the beginning point for your professional development. Studying at Hajvery University will help you merge global features with local characteristics. By enabling the development of cultural, social, and intellectual values, as well as your emotional intelligence. Within the constraints of Hajvery University, the quality of global citizenship you will adopt will assist you in achieving success in your future employment by equipping you with leadership, mobility, harmony, and cooperation abilities. Morality, knowledge, reality, and development should be the essential values that guide you during the entire process.

Mission Of Hajvery University:

The mission of Hajvery University is focused on delivering outstanding graduate, undergraduate, and Ph.D. degree programs. Both are affordable and accessible.

Vision Of Hajvery University:

The vision of Hajvery University is focused on spreading knowledge and developing abilities. We think that education is the liberating power that allows a person to live a meaningful life full of personal fulfillment while also being of service as a human being and a citizen.

Campuses of Hajvery University:

Total three campuses of Hajvery University at different locations. HU is recognized by the Higher Education the Commission of Pakistan.

Main Branch

Hajvery University (HU) is a private university has a main campus in Lahore. The location of the main campus is 43-52 Industrial Area, Gulberg III, Lahore.

HU Euro Campus

The second campus of Hajvery University is known as “EURO CAMPUS”. It is also is in Lahore. The location of Euro Campus is 33 Industrial Area, Gulberg III, Lahore.

HU SKP Campus

The third branch of Hajvery University is known as “SKP Campus”. It is in Sheikhupura. The location of the SKP Campus is Ghazi Minara, Main Sargodha Road, Sheikhupura.

Faculty & Departments at Hajvery University:

  • Faculty of Computer Science.
  • Faculty of Pharmacy.
  • Faculty of Engineering,
  • Faculty of Health & Sciences.
  • Faculty of Film, TV Advertising & Media Studies.
  • Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences.
  • Faculty of Fashion & Textile Design.
  • Faculty of Technology.
  • Faculty of Business Administration.
  • Professional Programs for working executives.

WBM Care Collaborates with Hajvery University.

WBM Care wants to collaborate with Hajvery University for future benefits. If HU collaborates then WBM provides a platform for the students of the university to enhance their skills and learn about new technologies. WBM Care not only provide internship programs they also offer jobs that they built interest for career life. WBM Care spreads knowledge about natural and organic personal care with the help of Hajvery University. This partnership provides university students to explore new things that are very helpful for the university and the brand. Collaboration between WBM Care and Hajvery University is very beneficial for both parties. The main focus is to promote the sharing of knowledge about the new technologies.

Courses Offered at Hajvery University:

Hajvery University offers 35+ Degree programs from bachelor's to Ph.D. levels. The overall strength of HU is around 8500. It offers a variety of programs with highly experienced faculty staff.

HU offers different courses are as follows:


  • ADP Business Administration
  • ADP Computer Sciences
  • ADP Commerce
  • ADP Film, TV, Advertising & Media Studies
  • ADP Fashion Design
  • ADP Textile Design
  • ADP Physical Therapy
  • ADP Language & Literature
  • ADP Economics


  • BBA (Hons)
  • B.COM (Hons)
  • BFD (Hons) Fashion Designing
  • BS Textile Design
  • Doctor of Pharmacy
  • BS Human Resource Management
  • BS Accounting & Auditing
  • BS (Hons) Electrical Engineering
  • BS (Hons) Computer Science
  • BS Software Engineering
  • BS Film, TV & Media Studies
  • BS Supply Chain Management
  • BS Project Management
  • BS E-Commerce
  • BS (Hons.) English
  • BS Languages & Literature
  • BS Economics
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • BS Marketing Management
  • BS Banking & Finance


  • MS Management Sciences
  • MS Statistics
  • MS Fashion Design
  • M.Phil. Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics)
  • MS Commerce
  • MS Textile Design
  • MS Film, TV, Advertising & Media Studies
  • M.Phil. Pharmacy (Pharmacology)
  • MS Orthopedic Therapy
  • Ph. D Management Sciences
  • MS Computer Science
  • Ph. D Statistics

How To Apply at Hajvery University:

Admissions to Hajvery University Lahore are conducted twice a year, in the Fall and Spring semesters. If you want to apply to Hajvery University then do follow these steps:

  • Visit the campus of HU or visit the website with the help of this link www.hup.edu.pk
  • After deciding on the program, fill out your application form on the admission portal
  • Download & print the admission form then submit the challan fee
  • University will process your application form and check your eligibility and will inform you via SMS or phone call
  • Selected candidates will submit all the dues within the deadline
  • Bring your all documents when you go to Hajvery University

Admission Dates of Hajvery University:

  • At HU, admission dates start and end every year in November
  • If you want more details then visit the official website of Hajvery University www.hup.edu.pk
  • Interested applicants can visit Hajvery University for further information

MoU Signed with Hajvery University

In the fields of learning and development, research, innovation, entrepreneurship, and other outlets such as consulting, cooperative educational programs, and career opportunities for participants, to form a strategic alliance and seamless linkage between the parties.

Internships and Jobs:

According to the policies, the brand will give preference to university students for internships, MTO programs, and permanent roles.

COOP Program:

Through the Coop Program, both have collaborated in specialist HR development (A structured Program that blends classroom-based learning and work-based learning converting students into talented and insightful graduates with the ability to think and create value for the organization).

Workshops and Seminars:

WBM Care is being used by Hajvery University to host workshops, seminars, and webinars in their sector.

Guest Speaker Sessions:

With mutual consent, brands collaborate for top management visits to the institution as Guest Speakers Sessions and Project Evaluations, Roadmap Adjustments as needed.

From Project to Product:

The university students should be assisted and supervised by Brand. When the FYP selections are held.

Corporate Industry Advisory Board:

HU shall appoint the members of WBM of the corporate industry. When the advisory board will suggest to the university the latest trends and needs in the industry.

Faculty Internships:

WBM Care offer internships for the students of Hajvery University when they collaborate.

Orientation Tours:

BM should facilitate the university students for their class projects, assignments, and case studies. WBM visit when mutual consent is required.

Specialized Skill Development Workshops, Courses, and Certifications:

The brand offer pieces of training on its office premises to university students. That is more acceptable in the market.

On-Campus Brand Activation:

The university should facilitate the company through on-campus brand activation according to university rules and regulations with the brand in the mind.

Premises HUge:

The University offers when the career activities are held and the student's attendance is mandatory.

Interviews of Senior Management:

Hajvery University will provide a platform for WBM Care to broadcast their interviews on their channel.

Social Media Marketing:

When the company & brand sign MOU’s then the logo is prominently placed on each other websites including on social media.

Consulting Program:

Technical and Management Consultancy, as well as Advisory Services, are provided by HU. WBM Care optimizes corporate performance through multi-disciplinary, innovative customized solutions with mutual consent.

Sustainable Development Initiative (SDI):

When the company & brand are agreed to develop joint proposals for development. The execution of Students and SDI. It includes Health and Safety workshops, seminars, and other CSR activities.

Corporate Discount:

If three collective industries apply for membership then a group straight discount of 30% is offered.

Collaboration of WBM Care & Hajvery University for the Mega Job Fairs:

The HU and WBM Care are collaborating to produce a wide range of advantages and to strengthen their value proposition. WBM Care would want to work with HU to organize the job fairs. WBM is in the management of both the career fairs and the display stalls. In this case, student brand awareness is critical. When they work together, the WBM offers certifications to those who accept internship or job offers. WBM will not only give internship opportunities to the students but also provides a platform for them so, they can explore their skills. WBM also provides long-term job opportunities and promotes interest in future careers. To conduct research and specific initiatives, the company will collaborate with universities. That has something to do with your company's products, services, or sector. Students can gain real-world and hands-on experience while learning. It improves the competitiveness of universities and institutions.

WBM Foundation with Hajvery University:

WBM Foundation wants to improve its living environment by making it healthier and more sustainable. They want to build a garden space in the world. With the participation of the WBM Foundation, the quality of education in Pakistan and other nations would increase. The main cause is to bring a revolutionary change to our environment. WBM provide a stable platform for fresh graduates to learn about new technologies and tell how to explore their abilities with new modern technology.


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