Horizon Store

T. Eaton Co. Limited created Horizon, a Canadian budget department store, in 1972. T. Eaton attempted to court "buyers", as opposed to the "customers" courted at its Eaton stores. To compete with established Canadian brands like Woolco and Zellers amid a market downturn. It was supposed to be a 122-store chain, but it only got to 18 before closing in 1979, less than seven years after it opened. T. Eaton's major financial issues in the 1980s are considered to have been magnified by the chain's financial drag in the 1970s.


Horizon's plans were initially established in May 1972. The first location was scheduled to open in Scarborough, Ontario, in August 1972. The first stores were intended to be a testbed for , "various sorts of community". The corporation wanted to build 122 locations, each with a population of 200,000 people within a ten-minute commute. They only focus on the “buyers”, section in the market.

In 1973:

According to the National Post, the Horizon discontinued carrying refrigerators in autumn 1973 because they were not selling due to the store's lack of delivery service.

In 1974:

In 1974, Eaton's collaborated with J. C. Penney on a "joint study" to strengthen the concept and limit competition.

In 1975:

T. Eaton anticipated profitability for its Horizon segment within two years 1975.

In 1976:

T. Eaton chose to close its catalog section in January 1976, prompting analysts to assume that Horizon would close quickly after.

In 1978-1979:

T. Eaton issued the declaration of this format in October 1978, with the transition expected to be completed by January 1979, less than seven years after it first began.

The six Eaton's sites in Metro Toronto and two in London were to be branded as such, while the four Quebec shops would retain the original Eaton's brand but be administered by Eaton's Quebec division. The stores remained smaller than most Eaton's locations, but they offered the same merchandise and had a "softer" appearance.

Branches Of Horizon Store.

Faisalabad Branch

Pakistan’s largest branch directory of Horizon is in Faisalabad. You can directly contact the branch directory of Horizon at the Faisalabad branch.

Contact No: 041-2635511

Location: 4th-floor business center behind the state bank of Pakistan.

Lahore Branch

Horizon International is a Lahore Based Company that offers products in Lahore and others as well as in Pakistan.

Contact No: +92-42-35316-447

Location: 279, Block H-I, Johar Town, Lahore.

Horizon Store Collaborates with WBM Care.

WBM Care has clearly announced to affiliate with Horizon Store. WBM Care will have access to it through the affiliation with Horizon Store by increasing its distribution channels. They allow the organization to sell its products through its stores. WBM Care wants to learn from Horizon Store's business processes, and establish its long-term competitive advantage. It is advantageous for both parties if they collaborate. Both parties will earn from this. Horizon Store will be able to increase domestic and global sales and develop a larger presence in personal care products. While WBM Care will be able to strengthen its position in high-quality products.

WBM Care products Available at Horizon Store are as follows.

WBM Care and Carrefour are globally on top of the world. They both have a reputation for providing quality merchandise at reasonable prices, and they both offer 100% money-back guarantees to their consumers. As WBM’s slogan “Quality is our Passion with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee” indicates it gives the best quality products to the end consumers. Both WBM Care and Carrefour are quality-conscious, giving the best quality products to the consumers. Further, WBM Care offers a 100% money-back guarantee to the consumers without any compromise on the quality of the products. WBM Care and Carrefour have teamed up to offer a 100-percent money-back guarantee to customers who are not satisfied with their purchase. The brand’s slogan “Care from Nature” indicates that all personal care products are natural and organic. the brand drives the mission to provide the most natural solution to your body, hair, and skin-related concerns. All skincare products are completely free from harsh chemicals or toxins.


  • Air University
  • Bahria University
  • Comsats University
  • GC University
  • Lahore University
  • University of Central Punjab
  • University of Engineering and Technology
  • University of Management and Technology
  • University of South Asia
  • Hajvery University
  • Lahore Garrison University
  • Sahiwal University
  • Univesity of Karachi
  • Lahore School of Ecnomics
  • Forman Christian College (A Chartered University)
  • Gujranwala Institute of Future Technologies
  • Information Technology University
  • Minhaj Universtiy
  • Natioal College of Art's
  • National Universit of Sciences & Technology
  • University of Health Sciences
  • University of Education
  • Virtual University
  • Iqra University
  • Sargodha University


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  • Himalayan Glow
  • Natural Solution
  • Salt Range
  • Shoe Care
  • WBM Smart
  • W World
  • Belux
  • Salt 84
  • Baby Care
  • Women Care


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