Information Technology University (ITU)

The Information Technology University (ITU) provides quality education in science, technology, and engineering. It focuses the bright minds to enhance their abilities in the field of technology. ITU is founded in 2012 to provide quality research in fields like technology, science, and engineering. ITU is focusing on bringing a close relationship between the leading technology industries in Pakistan. And providing opportunities to young minds so they can show their skills in the industry sector as well. The structure and environment of ITU are great sources of learning. Which gives you opportunities to excel in the field of technology and science. The university is located in Arfa Software Technology Park and is founded by Umar Saif a big name in the field of Science and Technology. ITU provides various degrees which are partnered with Harvard University. It has also partnerships with edX, IBM, and the US state department. ITU also published the MIT Technology Review, Pakistan Edition. The university is also called the home of Pakistan’s largest startup incubator. It has four faculties which include:

  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Business and Management Sciences
  • Faculty of Sciences
  • Faculty of Engineering

Research centers and laboratories are well equipped and include. The national center for academic integrity, the scientometrics lab, the data science lab, the business analytics lab, the embedded computing laboratory, the vision processing lab, and the innovations for Poverty alleviation lab. The university also focuses on the co-curricular activities of students and gives them a new experience. Which will be stayed with them in the university and after the university. There are different societies present at the university. Through this, students get the platform to learn something new and raise their voices. The societies that include are the artist society, the sports society, the tech entrepreneur society, and the ITU voice. These platforms provide students to get experience and get engage in critical discussions on political issues, social and literary.

Information Technology University

WBM Care in Future is collaborating with the Information Technology University. The purpose of this collaboration is to make opportunities for both of them. The collaboration opens the door to a healthy relationship between both parties. Through different opportunities, students get exposure and experience that will be beneficial for them. The exposure and experience help them to grow in the modern era of advanced technology, research, science, engineering, and innovations. The collaboration of Pakistan’s top information technology university with a Leading Corporate Industry offers various employment opportunities. Internships and Job opportunities allow the youngsters to explore the growing market. And helps them to get to know about the market trends. This makes strong and good connections between both parties. In terms of Learning skills, Job Opportunities, and other career breakthroughs.

ITU Programs and Faculties

The University offers Undergraduate, Postgraduates, and Ph.D. programs under different faculties. These include: ITU offers the following programs:

  • BS (Computer Science)
  • BS (Electrical Engineering)
  • BS (Computer Engineering)
  • BS (Management and Technology)
  • BS (Economics with Data Sciences)
  • MS (Computer Science)
  • MS (Data Science)
  • MS (Electrical Engineering)
  • MS (Development, Technology, and Policy)
  • Executive MBA in Innovation, Technology, Entrepreneurship
  • Ph.D. (Computer Science)
  • Ph.D. (Electrical Engineering)

How To Apply for the Information Technology University?

The procedure for admission is as follows:

  • The announcement of admissions will be made by ITU on their website or through print. And electronic media which include English and Urdu newspapers. And social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Applicants can apply and register in ITU through the online admission form available. Only those candidates will be considered who have submitted complete applications and meet the Eligibility Criteria.
  • Those applicants who are eligible will be invited to take the ITU Admissions Test in Lahore.

Applicants who have taken SAT, USAT, NTS, GAT, and GRE tests, may be exempted from the ITU Admissions Test. For the undergraduate programs, and some graduate programs. Submit your details about SAT/GRE scores please refer to the relevant program’s webpage or click.

  • Those candidates who are shortlisted for the Graduate and Post-Graduate programs may be called for interviews.
  • Admission decisions will be announced.

WBM Product Range Exhibition

WBM Care’s product range is unique and made up of natural ingredients and does not include toxic chemicals. It has exhibited its product range on the premises of the Information Technology University on Women’s Day. The purpose of the whole activity is to get people to know more about the products and their quality. The goal is to promote awareness among the students about the product range. At university, the product range exhibition is a great idea. Because students of different cultures, cities, and countries are studying there so the products get great exposure. It will help them to understand the brand deeply. That what kind of ingredients are used in it and whether it is harmful or not. All the products are made from organic natural ingredients. These kinds of activities are modern era marketing strategies and made a really good impact on people’s minds. And help them to understand the brand products better.

Job / Career Fairs

WBM Care has vast plans in the future to conduct career fairs in the Information technology university. The purpose of these job fairs is to create and give exposure to the students about job opportunities and internships. As per their interests and fields. The WBM Group has conducted many rounds of Job fairs in other universities as well. To provide maximum opportunities to the students in the different universities. WBM is planning to conduct a job fair at the Information technology university. To give the students maximum opportunities in their respective fields. These will also help the students to enhance their working and intellectual skills. So that they can work in different departments of respective fields to gain knowledge and exposure.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

WBM has planned to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between WBM and ITU in the future. MoU is a planned alliance between both parties to establish a better working relationship. It explains the following terms.

Objectives of MOU:

Jobs / Internships Opportunities

The organization provides job and internship opportunities to university students. Which is beneficial for them to gain some practical experience in their respective fields. This will help them to learn in their respective degrees of interest and fields.

Faculty Internships

The organization also provides internships to the respected faculty of the university. If there is any vacant opportunity is present.

On-Campus Brand Activation

The university facilitates the organization to do some activities. To promote and create awareness in the youth about their brand. Different Campus Brand Activation campaigns help the students to understand the brand and its products. The activities should be done according to the University SOPs and Rules and Regulations.

Seminars / Workshops

With the permission of the university various events like training, workshops, conferences, webinars, and seminars will be held within the university. As per their SOPs and Rules and Regulations. The purpose of this is to promote the brand within the university zone.

Social Media Marketing

Marketing is discussed as per mutual consent. Brand names and universities’ logos will be placed on each other official websites and web pages. Also, the social media handles of both the parties will place universities’ and Brands’ names and logos prominently as discussed as per mutual consent.

Guest Speaker Sessions

The university allows the brand’s senior management to share their experience. And also give some ideas and motivation to the students as guest speakers. The purpose of these motivational sessions is to promote the brand to youngsters.

Premises Usage

The university allows the organization to hold its activities on the premises of the university. And also, student presence for conducting career-related activities is decided by the university. Without the permission of the university, nothing can be done on the premises of the university.

Incubation Opportunities

There is a platform under WBM called “WBM Ideas” that provides incubation opportunities for entrepreneurs and freshers. This will help the students to bring their bright ideas and see them getting succeed through this platform.

WBM Foundation and ITU

To make the planet Earth pollution-free and clean WBM Foundation has taken individual steps. And to further achieve this goal they are planning to join hands with Information Technology University in the future. They have done a lot of plant drives and seminars, workshops, and events in the past regarding environmental pollution. The purpose of it is to educate the people and create awareness among the people. So, people understand this problem and try to solve this by reducing the use of chemicals and cutting down trees. And also do other precautionary measures to eradicate this problem. WBM in the future has also plans to collaborate with the Information Technology University.

To create awareness and do something with the students on the practical ground like plant drives, seminars, and workshops. The purpose of this is to provide a pollution-free environment and clean earth. For the current generation and the future generation. Lastly, the collaboration between WBM Care and ITU will bring fruitful results to both parties. The policies and agreements will give benefits to both parties which will be beneficial for the students as well. Through different training programs, internships, and job opportunities. Students get great experience in their respective fields. The employment rate of the university will also gain some good percentage. And the organization gets some great minds so this collaboration has benefits for both parties.


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