University of Lahore (UOL Lahore)

In today’s competitive world, businesses need to have an edge over their competitors. One way to achieve this is through collaboration with universities. The University of Lahore is a well-renowned university that has a lot of expertise in various fields. WBM, a business consulting company can enjoy collaborating with the University of Lahore. With the collaboration, you will explore the future perspective of such a collaboration. WBM Care's partnership with the University of Lahore allows us to further excel in Research and Development. WBM with UOL creates awareness among entrepreneurs about organic and all-natural products. This collaboration utilizes the latest technology to research and develop skincare products. We can organize seminars, and workshops for students and teachers to discuss opportunities. The brand team up to provide education and training for students at the University of Lahore.

UOL is one of the largest private-sector institutes that has more than 35,000 students enrolled and 4 campuses in Pakistan. UOL is the largest private university in Pakistan that has state-of-the-art campuses. These campuses are in the 5 major cities of Pakistan. UOL strives to be fair, successful, and honest in all academic programs. We provide high-level instructions and cultivate the capability to form local judgments. The university also promotes the development of personal responsibility in the students. UOL's reputation rises as the quality of research, and teaching is recognized in the world.

University of Lahore

As per the Asia World Ranking of the University 2022, it appears in the top 3 colleges in Pakistan. The International Ranking places the university at a high grade. The university is considered the most esteemed university by HEC. This collaboration will help us build state-of-the-art laboratories in various fields. The field includes Medicine, Health, Engineering, Pharm-D, Nursing, and Law. Strong collaborations are crucial for any higher education institution. The University of Lahore has been particularly developing strong connections with WBM. The university has a large number of initiatives that provide corporate knowledge. It also provides resource development to multinational organizations. UOL considers more development of the IT innovation industry as the top priority. Working to prosper in these core areas by creating innovations.

Faculties & Departments

Shortly thereafter the university started to offer a Bachelor's level in the field of engineering. In the following year, 5 years Master's programs started in selected fields.

  • Faculty of Allied Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Engineering & Technology
  • Faculty of Arts & Architecture
  • Faculty of Information technology
  • Faculty of Language & Literature
  • Faculty of Management Sciences
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry
  • Faculty of Sciences
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Law

The University of Lahore provides admission in bachelor's, master's, and doctoral programs. You can apply for enrollment online at "" The University of Lahore is excellent in teaching, research, scholarship, creativity, and engagement. The mission is to create professionals with training in innovative solutions. Also, the university plays role in the research, and distribution of knowledge for the challenges. The institute emphasizes the development of students for future generations. The University of Lahore collaborates with WBM Care to seek to the world. The university stands out for embedding moral values, learning, and outstanding quality work. One of the world's leading institutions for R & D. More effective to the needs proposed by WBM and UOL for future advertising and marketing, and increased recognition. The collaboration sponsored the work conducted in various fields. Furthermore, the partnership examines the publications about the school's research.

UOL and WBM Collaboration for the Mega Career Fairs.

WBM Care works with the University of Lahore to team up for "Career Fairs," which gives students the chance to interact with the brand for generating innovative ideas. The demand for the Industry-Academia Liaison is ever-growing. As a result, WBM strives for a strong partnership with UOL, industry, and other business sectors. The partnership of WBM with UOL for organizing Mega Career Fairs provides a platform for the students. This helps them to interact with the corporate world. The collaboration helps students to get insight into the corporate culture for job opportunities. These mega career fairs meet the representatives for various opportunities. These job fairs also offered workshops, and seminars on different topics like job search strategies, interview techniques, and resume writing. WBM and UOL reinforces the existing gaps in business and education through these career fairs.

WBM Job Career Fair

The collaboration offers growth opportunities and develops more resources for the generation. This Industry-University Collaboration is a great platform for driving on-campus recruitment drives. This inter-linkage drives the core values by conducting interviews. The fresh graduates explore their skills and interest in the relevant fields. The partnership makes them focus more on the growth and development of their careers. Students get the ability to explore during career fairs and connect with professionals. They also get to learn about the internship and the job opportunities. WBM Care has a long history of collaboration with the HEC recognized universities to host Career Fairs. This provides easy access to the industry professionals as well the university. About 150 interviews were conducted at the University of Lahore, highlighting the major interest of the students in various disciplines. They got a chance to explore themselves in the best fields.

Collaborative Efforts of WBM with UOL for MOU Signing.

Allowing UOL to join with WBM Care’s academic projects will strengthen the professional experiences from the research programs. This agreement between the institute and the industry will help increase training opportunities. Under the MOU, UOL’s freshers will appreciate the internship and training programs. This MOU will help us to promote research and academic collaborations in the future between WBM and UOL.

The main objectives of the MOU are:

Link individual areas together by developing a clear logic chain. These areas might include advanced research, entrepreneurship, and innovation

Internships, and Job Opportunities:

Encourages students to explore their interests and abilities through internships, training, and jobs

COOP program:

By collaborating, the company and college can share resources for mutual benefit

Workshops & Seminars:

These efforts will organize joint seminars, training, and workshops


Supervise the students in the selection and execution of the final year projects

Certifications & Courses:

Offer hands-on training, making them more satisfactory in the market

Brand Marketing:

Joint Partnership embeds the mind of the leaders through marketing

Social Media Marketing:

Help them to place their logos and names on each other’s websites

Sustainable Development Initiative:

Develop joint proposals for the students. These include volunteer work, seminars, health and safety workshops, and other activities

The Partnership of WBM with UOL for the Exhibition Stalls in the University Premises.

About the future, the University of Lahore and WBM join forces to present their initiatives. Together, this develops a strong relationship to commercialize their skills and provides job opportunities to the students. WBM Care is a USA-based brand that deals in health and beauty as well as personal care range. The brand does collaborate with the renowned university of Pakistan, UOL, and plans for future projects based on these partnerships. The main objective for the collaboration allows reach the public with a distinct interest in the market and showcase the quality of the products to the end-consumers. The collaboration makes the students learn more about the innovative technology of the time. This develops a relationship and awareness to develop friendly relations while gaining new prospects.


Joint Partnership of UOL with WBM Ideas in Future.

WBM Offers independent platforms for budding entrepreneurs can accomplish their ideas to promote their careers. The entrepreneurs can go to WBM's incubation centers. The collaboration of UOL and WBM Ideas promotes cooperation and builds a trusting partnership to solve technological problems.

WBM Ideas deals in
  • Financial Arrangements,
  • R & D,
  • Product Design & Manufacturing,
  • Manufacturing and Finishing Cost Management
  • Product Certifications & Documentation
  • Branding & Brand Story
  • The Market Analysis of the Competitive Products in the Market
  • Sales Forecast & Analytical tools
  • Warehouse & Shipping Logistics
  • Quality Control,
  • E-commerce & Website Development
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Public Relations

With the joint partnership of both parties, this can bring innovation, insight, and knowledge through the analysis. UOL has already been working on different incubation or research centers for the betterment of mankind. Currently, UOL has:

  • Agri-Biotechnology Park
  • Center for Research in Molecular Medicine
  • Radiology Research Section

Collaborating for these incubation centers allows the space for the students to execute their ideas. This allows the students to develop ideas and turn them into businesses. Students get feedback on the ideas and learn from the professional experiences. So, incubation centers with the collaborative efforts of WBM and UOL to receive mentorship.

WBM Foundation & UOL.

With the collaborative efforts of WBM and UOL, we have planted more than 10 million trees for the protection of the environment. WBM Foundation is a non-profit organization that works for environmental sustainability. We collaborate and create a sustainable and innovative future for the living environment. The partnership aims to bring change to the community by educating the masses. UOL joins hands together with WBM to make the planet green and clean in the future. This corporation motivates the connection between the people and the plants.

WBM Foundation

This will create greenery to sustain life. The University of Lahore and WBM Collaboration will continue in the future and benefit future graduates. This can promote the level of education in Pakistan and increase WBM's visibility and popularity. This collaboration is expected to continue in the future. WBM has partnered with UOL for the best training about jobs, and internships for graduates. We provide a robust foundation for entrepreneurs and students to continue their education and enter the workforce. We like our community to support the effort and help us build a brighter future for future generations.


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