National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST)

The National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) focuses on innovation and technology. The aim is to become a comprehensive research-led university. The HEC authorized Research & Innovation (R & I) Offices were founded in 2011. The university wants to create innovation-centric R & D, commercialization, and encourage industry-academia linkages.


Since April 2012, these centers such as Innovation, Placement, University Advancement, and Alumni Offices have been operating under a policy. This policy is established by the NUST Academic Council. The institute establishes as a world-class center for excellence. This guides the transformation of Pakistan into a rising knowledge economy. Also, the university achieves the national goal of the university to be progressive. The National University of Science & Technology creates and maintains a research-driven institute. The main focus is on Innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship. This is to navigate the social, environmental, and economic concerns of the country.

Our Core Values.

  • Merit
  • Integrity
  • Pursuit of Excellence
  • Diversity & Inclusivity

University-business collaborations can assist companies in expanding their internal research and innovation. Industrial researchers help university researchers to identify the current research. This will be helpful in the development and design of new products and processes. For future benefits, WBM Care collaborates with NUST, being beneficial for the students. This helps them with the new technology and the research projects in the university. We give students a place to show their skills and also assist in determining which sector is best for them. Both the university and the company enjoy collaboration. We also provide plantation awareness for the university's and its brand's advertising.

NUST Campuses.

NUST is a multi-campus university spread all over Pakistan. The Main Campus is in Islamabad and the other is in Rawalpindi and Karachi etc. It has 7 campuses all over Pakistan. NUST was established in March 1991 for higher education. It was particularly established in the science and technology fields. The main focus is to provide a disciplined academic environment as well as that fulfills the research requirements. In 1993, the institution received its charter. It has grown in breadth, services, and prominence over the years, establishing itself as a prominent comprehensive university in the public sector. NUST has formed partnerships with worldwide universities. This ensures a two-way flow of knowledge and keeps the new trends up. The academic activity includes split programmers and their visits by famous academics. The famous academics from reputable overseas universities provide knowledge. These distinguished academics give lectures on the new advancements. It also assists them in reviewing and updating the academic programmers.

Courses Offers.

NUST offers a wide range of courses in a variety of fields, making it easy for anyone to enroll. As of 2016, NUST has over 15,000 full-time students enrolled, over 20 departments with over 1,280 academic faculty staff.


About 28 undergraduate programs are offered at NUST. These include Engineering, IT, CS, Social Science, Biotechnology, and Architecture.


About 60+ streams of master programs are offered at NUST. These include Engineering, IT, CS, Social Science, Applied and Natural Sciences, and Architecture.


NUST provides Ph.D. programs for higher education in Pakistan. The disciplines include IT, CS, Engineering, Business Studies, Social Sciences, and Applied Biosciences.

Admission Process.

NUST represents excellence and quality. The faculty, hardworking students, and strong support infrastructure help create an academic environment. This kind of environment is in the greatest universities in the world.

If you want to apply to NUST University then follow these steps:
  • Visit the NUST website using this link "Admission", then go to the Admissions Page.
  • After that, you choose to Apply Now and go to the Admissions page.
  • Fill in the relevant data for your concerned department.
  • Upload all documents, including photos and other personal data, as well as the challan charge.
  • Bring all your supporting documentation to NUST University.
National University of Sciences & Technology

Admission Dates.

  • In NUST University, Online admission dates start on 04 April 2022.
  • Last date to apply for Online Admission is 02 May 2022.
  • You can follow this link "" if you want more details

MOU Signing between NUST & WBM Care in Future.

This MOU builds a strategic linkage between WBM Care and NUST. This linkage is between learning, development, research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Also, it has outlets such as consultation, educational programming, and jobs opportunities.

MoU Objectives:

Internships and Jobs:

This collaboration offers internships, MTO programmers, and permanent positions

COOP Program:

Both WBM Care and NUST will collaborate in the development of specialist HR through the Coop Program.

Workshops and Seminars:

This provides a platform to host workshops, seminars, and webinars

Guest Speaker Sessions:

WBM Care and NUST collaborate for the visits. The visits to the university as Guest Speakers sessions, and evaluation of projects

From Project to Product:

The students will get help and be monitored well. This helps in the selection and implementation of final year projects

Corporate Industry Advisory Board:

Representatives of NUST will get positions in WBM Care. This helps to discuss current business needs and trends

Faculty Internships:

WBM Care will provide internships to scholars from NUST

Orientation Tours:

According to course regulations, they will help students with class projects, assignments, case studies, and Orientation (Industrial) tours of the Second Party's facilities as needed

Specialized Skill Development Workshops, Courses, and Certifications:

The collaboration will give them hands-on training classes in its factory/office premises to make the pupils more employable

Brand Activation:

Both the brand and the industry will help in establishing the minds of students through on-campus brand activation

Premises Usage:

The first to offer its facilities and students' participation in career-related activities as needed

Social Media Marketing:

The parties' names and logos will be prominently displayed on each other's websites/webpages, including social media, when the MoU is signed. If both parties agree, placement can be arranged.

Consulting Program:

They will collaborate to provide technical and management consulting and advising services with mutual consent

Sustainable Development Initiative (SDI):

Parties agree to collaborate to develop and implement a Students and Social Development Initiative that includes health and safety workshops, seminars, volunteer work, green week participation, and other CSR activities

Corporate Discount:

A group discount of straight 30% will be offered if three collective industry participants apply for participation

WBM Job Fair At NUST.

Different ways your organization can collaborate with the University or College:

Research & Knowledge Sharing:

WBM Care can collaborate for research and special initiatives about the products. If WBM Care sells technology, then you can collaborate with the university for the market niche. You can also work on projects that will help you innovate in your industry and establish yourself as a true market leader.

Certification Programs:

Develop certification programs in collaboration with higher education institutions. Many of your employees will already have a degree and will not want to return to school full-time if it is not essential or will cost them a significant amount of money.

Internship Programs:

The organization should work with institutions of higher education to develop internship programs. Students can gain real-world and hands-on experience as they study, which makes universities and colleges look more competitive. This partnership can develop a steady pipeline of highly qualified job applicants, as many interns will want to seek out full-time job opportunities with your organization once, they have completed their studies, which will make your organization more competitive.

Idea Labs & Workshops:

These career fairs create locations and events where employees, university officials, instructors, and students can come together to talk and think about specific difficulties or opportunities in your industry. Students in a business school, for example, can benefit from meeting with people in client-facing or operational roles in your company so that everyone can talk about trends, projections, best practices, and so on.

WBM Foundation Collaborates with NUST University.

The WBM Foundation wants to improve the living environment by making it more creative, sustainable, and healthy. The main purpose is to use environmental education to bring about revolutionary change. The WBM Foundation will collaborate with the NUST in the future to build a garden space in this world. This partnership promotes the connection between people and plants. This would promote WBM awareness and marketing in Pakistan while also improving education quality. For the satisfaction of all parties involved, this collaboration is likely to continue in the future. WBM Foundation is very beneficial for both the University and the Company.


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