Punjab Cash & Carry (PCC)

Punjab Cash & Carry is one of Pakistan’s largest retail chains. They provide you with the most affordable prices for all of your shopping needs. They have everything, from fruits and vegetables to rice and lentils, spices and seasonings, packaged things, beverages, individual consideration items, and meats.


The Success story of Punjab Cash & Carry begins in Shakargarh, a rural border town, where Ch. Muhammad Tahir migrated to Islamabad in 1994 and founded a business (Punjab Rice Store) in the G9 Markaz Karachi Company. Punjab Rice store immediately earned consumers’ respect and trust by providing consistent service and high-quality products. It was then known as a retail outlet in Islamabad with the most sales in a single day. The popularity of this business as well has shifted modern dynamics and set the stage for the eventual introduction of Punjab Cash & Carry. Punjab Cash & Carry has achieved a respectable position in the retail industry throughout the years under the guidance of its chairman, Ch. Muhammad Tahir. It has grown into a key industry leader in this field thanks to its handwork, innovation, market awareness, and a desire to meet consumers’ future requirements. It has grown and established in 16 locations with successful operations in Pakistan’s Twin cities throughout the years. It has a customer base of 0.8 million people who are served by a team of over 1000 people. Since its start, it has been acknowledged by Malaysia’s Deputy Prime Minister for its never-ending hard work tenacity, which has earned it the Best Retailer Award 2019. Punjab Cash & Carry plans to expand its operations to additional Pakistani cities shortly.

Punjab Cash & Carry Branches

  • Morgah
  • Afshan Colony, Range Road
  • Haidery Chowk, Satellite Town
  • Askari-14
  • Iqbal Town, Kurri Road
  • Askari-7, Adyala Road
  • 0-9 Police Foundation
  • Main GT Road, Taxila
  • Satellite Town, Iran Road
  • G-9 Markaz
  • G-13/1, Hassan Market
  • Bharakahu, Murree Road
  • Chatta Bakhtawar, Park Road
  • Bahria Town, Phase 4
  • Soan Garden
  • DHA, Phase 2
  • PWD, Double Road
  • Askari 10

Punjab Cash & Carry Affiliation with WBM Care

WBM Care has announced its partnership with Punjab Cash & Carry, one of the most prestigious retail shops. As a result of this connection, WBM Care will get access to PCC distribution networks and will be able to offer its products in Punjab Cash & Carry Stores. In the views of both companies, the relationship is likely to be mutually beneficial. Punjab Cash & Carry will be able to expand sales and reach customers throughout this collaboration, while WBM Care will be able to maintain a strong position in personal care products. This partnership will make their business more competitive.

WBM Care Products Available at Punjab Cash & Carry

WBM Care and Punjab Cash and Carry are global leaders in their respective fields, and they both deliver excellent service. They're also known for their affordable price. WBM's motto "Quality is our Passion with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee" suggests that the company provides the highest quality products to its customers. WBM Care and Punjab Cash and Carry are both quality-conscious companies that strive to provide the highest-quality items to their customers. WBM Care and Punjab Cash & Carry both take pride in their commitment to quality, providing consumers with high-quality items. WBM Care offers a "100% Money-Back Guarantee" to their customers while ensuring that the quality of their goods is never compromised. All personal care products are natural and organic, according to the brand's tagline "Care from Nature." The objective of the brand is to deliver the most natural solution to your body, hair, and skin problems.


  • Air University
  • Bahria University
  • Comsats University
  • GC University
  • Lahore University
  • University of Central Punjab
  • University of Engineering and Technology
  • University of Management and Technology
  • University of South Asia
  • Hajvery University
  • Lahore Garrison University
  • Sahiwal University
  • Univesity of Karachi
  • Lahore School of Ecnomics
  • Forman Christian College (A Chartered University)
  • Gujranwala Institute of Future Technologies
  • Information Technology University
  • Minhaj Universtiy
  • Natioal College of Art's
  • National Universit of Sciences & Technology
  • University of Health Sciences
  • University of Education
  • Virtual University
  • Iqra University
  • Sargodha University


  • WBM Beauty
  • Himalayan Glow
  • Natural Solution
  • Salt Range
  • Shoe Care
  • WBM Smart
  • W World
  • Belux
  • Salt 84
  • Baby Care
  • Women Care


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  • Al Fateh
  • Rainbow
  • Metro
  • 24Seven
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