WBM Care wants to collaborate with the University of Sahiwal. The partnership between the industry and university enhances the competitive advantage globally. Collaborations between universities and businesses can help companies enhance their organizational innovation. University researchers assist industrial scientists in identifying current research that may be relevant to the design and development of new processes and products.

The University of Sahiwal is a public university that is located in Sahiwal, Punjab, Pakistan. The University of Sahiwal was founded in 2016. It has moved with the world in the last two years, frequently leading the way with new ideas and discoveries. They offer fresh students a wide range of course benefits. It is customized to their ability to meet the needs of society itself They established the university at the core of the concept disciplines in a wide range of degree ranges, from technology to art. The majority of the courses offered at the University of Sahiwal are bachelor's degree programs. It also aims to rank those aspects of a student's life that aren't entirely relevant to their education. The purpose of the University of Sahiwal is to restore and empower our student's future by providing them with an excellent education. The mission of the university is to identify the research opportunities for the faculty members and to promote the research culture.

Sahiwal University

BZU Multan Campus:

Bahauddin Zakariya University

Address: Farid Town Rd، Sahiwal, Sahiwal District, Punjab.


In Pakistan, the Institution of Sahiwal is a modern and large university. It was established in 2015. In 2005, a sub-campus of BZU Multan was established in Sahiwal. After 10 years, BZU Multan sub-campus Sahiwal is converted into an independent university of Sahiwal which offers a variety of programs. It completely follows the standard and rules of HEC for the university. Bahauddin Zakariya University is a private university in Sahiwal that offers engineering degrees. Bahauddin Zakariya University Sahiwal Campus is its address of University of Sahiwal. Currently, the University of Sahiwal consists of 57 acres of area. It includes eight departments with a total of 1700 students. In terms of labs, transportation, and instructors, the university provides the most professional facilities for students. The institution has two academic buildings, one administrative building, a guest house, and a female-only dormitory.


Faculty of Computing & Information Technology:

  • Department of Computer Science.
  • Department of Information Technology.
  • Department of Software Engineering.

Faculty of Sciences:

  • Department of Chemistry.
  • Department of Physics.

Faculty of Law:

  • Department of Law.

Faculty of Economics & Management Science:

  • Department of Business Administration.
  • Department of Commerce.
  • Department of Economics.

Faculty of Social Sciences:

  • Department of Applied Phycology

Faculty of Languages & Literature:

  • Department of English.


The University of Sahiwal allows the students to apply for an online Admission form in 2022.

If you want to apply to the University of Sahiwal then follow these steps:

  • Firstly. go to the website of the University of Sahiwal with the help of this link
  • Then go to the admission with the help of this link
  • Create an account with the help of your CNIC number to submit the Online Application form.
  • Then choose the program that you want to apply to.
  • Complete the admission tasks as they are given and pay the admission fee.
  • Bring your all documents on the first day of UOS.


  • After the intermediate results are announced. At the University of Sahiwal, the admissions office is scheduled to open between 10 September to 20 October 2022.
  • Interested applicants can send the application to the University of Sahiwal for further admission process.
  • For more details, visit the official website of UOS
  • BZU

MOU BETWEEN Bahauddin Zakariya University & WBM

To establish a strategic alliance and a seamless relationship between the learning and development sectors. Various sources include research, invention, entrepreneurship, and other forms of entrepreneurship. Participants will have access to services such as consultation, cooperative educational programming, and job opportunities.

Internships and Jobs:

According to the policies assigned, WBM Care will provide internships, MTO programs, and many other programs.

COOP Program:

UOSWL and WBM Care will collaborate together in the development of specialist HR. They blend classroom-based learning and work-based learning. It develops different abilities in the students with the help of collaboration. It engages in different skills that develop an interest in career life and create value for the organization.

Workshops and Seminars:

The University of Sahiwal will provide a platform for WBM. They host workshops and seminars in their industries for the best learning abilities.

Guest Speaker Sessions:

Senior management will work with the company and the university. They come to the University of Sahiwal to participate in Guest Speakers Sessions and Project Evaluations.

From Project to Product:

During the selection process, University students will be tested and monitored. The company's execution of a practical and forward-thinking FYP.

Corporate Industry Advisory Board:

Representatives from the WBM will serve on the UOSWL's industrial advisory board. Which will provide students with information on contemporary business trends and requirements. It may then be incorporated into the university's curriculum.

Faculty Internships:

Internships will be available at WBM Care for Sahiwal University students. The primary goal is to improve their abilities.

Specialized Skill Development Workshops, Courses, and Certifications:

To make university students more employable, the corporation will provide hands-on training in its office.

On-Campus Brand Activation:

The university will assist the enterprise in developing its brand among students. Through on-campus branding events such as exhibitions and job fairs. According to the laws and regulations of the university.

Premises Usage:

The first is to provide a variety of services and students. They should take part in events at career fairs.

Interviews of Senior Management:

Interviews with university students will be conducted by the company. They'll be broadcast on the company's TV channel.

Social Media Marketing:

When the MoU between the company and the brand is signed, the names and logos will be shown on each other's websites. Placement can be arranged if both parties agree.

Consulting Program:

Technical and management consulting will be provided by the UOSWL. With mutual agreement, the services were provided. Innovative solutions will help WBM to improve its business performance.

Corporate Discount:

WBM offers a 30% discount on all of its products. If three members of the industry as a whole apply for them.

Orientation Tours:

The WBM should assist the students at Sahiwal University. As needed, such as class projects, assignments, case studies, and Orientation tours of WBM facilities.


WBM Care wants to collaborate with the University of Sahiwal. It is beneficial for both university and the brand. If the UOSWL collaborates then WBM Care provides a platform for the university students to learn about new technology. WBM works as job fairs. They provide internship programs for the students for those who are willing. WBM Care not only works as job fairs they also conduct exhibition stalls for university students. These job fairs are very helpful for students to interact with dedicated employees. If the University of Sahiwal collaborates, they give a vast opportunity for freshers to enhance their abilities. Freshers can learn about their strengths & weakness. It is a great platform for the university because the Brand will be helpful in internship programs, Research & Development program, and orientation programs. WBM Care helps the students at any stage of the process.


The Benefits of career fairs are as follows:

1. Free Workshops & Seminars.
2. Start considering your resume.
3. Interview Practice.
4. Learn about job opportunities.


WBM Foundation plans to work with the University of Sahiwal to create a global garden space in the world. This would raise the educational standards while also increasing the WBM Foundation's visibility and marketing strategy in the world. This partnership promotes people and plants to collaborate. This will lead to the development of flora. Which will aid in the sustenance of life. If they collaborate then it is a huge success in the future. They improve the quality of education in Pakistan. The basic aim of the WBM Foundation is to make the world a more creative & healthier place to live. This would increase WBM awareness in the world. We strongly encourage our community to join us in this effort and help us build a better future for future generations. The primary goal is to bring about a radical change in our surroundings.

WBM Foundation


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