University of Education (UE)

The University of Education was established on September 02, 2002. The vision is to produce practitioners and leaders in research, and development. These leaders with good management skills have excellent competence. The university has a prestigious government system, transparent and open to the stakeholders. The institute has set the major aim to transform the quality of education.

Education University

The university works to improve leadership, governance, and management skills. They develop new opportunities for the students in their area of interest. Further, the institute develops links for the betterment. The university staff is eager to achieve high levels of fulfillment through change. This has encouraged and improved the learning of the mind and application. and management quality of NCA which is finally achieved by his hard work. NCA offers different courses and programs e.g., Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees, Diplomas, etc. in various disciplines. The university follows the semester system. In addition to courses, the university also offers various facilities including both academic and non-academic. In addition, it provides different and useful services for students including library services, administrative services, and many more. The students excel in their respective fields and become professionals both locally and internationally. NCA has a friendly, professional, and research-based environment that attracts several professionals for teaching and learning in the university.

Campuses of the University of Education.

The campuses of this university are present in 8 cities. The details of the campuses are given below:

University of Education Jauharabad Campus

University of Education, Jauharabad Campus is the only Public Sector multi-disciplinary higher education institute in District Khushab with a special focus on pre-service teacher education programs. The campus offers various programs including MA Education, MA English, M.Ed., BBA (Hons), BS Mathematics, BS Information Technology, and BS English. In addition to these programs, the campus is going to offer B.Ed. (Hons), BS Chemistry, MSc Mathematics, MSc IT, and MBA 1.5 from Fall 2016. The campus has qualified staff members who play a significant role in achieving the objectives of UE by imparting quality education to the people of this region. Further, you can visit the website link for further details "".

niversity of Education Vehari Campus

Government College for Elementary Teachers, Vehari was established in January 1998. The institution aimed to impart training & practicum to in-service teachers as well as prospective teachers. Since its inception, it mainly focused on teacher education. Therefore, such programs were initiated for the in-service teachers to enhance their teaching skills and professional competency. The university also provides an opportunity for the prospective teachers to be engaged in experimental learning and supported them in strengthening their teaching skills and imparting a professional spirit among them. You can reach the website of campus""

University of Education Bank Road Campus, Lahore

The University of Education Bank Road Campus Lahore is a unique and prestigious institution due to its long history of almost 83 years since its establishment in 1933 in Lady Maclagan Training College. In 1976, the institution was named Govt. College of Education for Women, Lahore, and continued to be one of Asia's most renowned centers of excellence for teacher education. In September 2002, with the establishment of the University of Education, it is functional to be UE Campus exclusively for females. The campus is located in the heart of Lahore city with state of an art buildings equipped with modern ICTs. It has the privilege of being the pioneer and the largest institution for female teachers in Asia. The link to the website is "".

University of Education Faisalabad Campus

University of Education Faisalabad Campus has won a great place among the educational institution due to its outstanding performance and excellent results. This institution needs no introduction as it has already established a well-reputed name but it will be beneficial to narrate the historical perspective of this prestigious institute for the people who are still unaware of it. Visit the website "" for further details..

University of Education Multan Campus

University of Education, Multan campus has been serving the students of southern Punjab since 2002 as a university and providing quality education in different fields. It has been the pioneer institute in imparting teachers. To foster high-quality standards in education and research, UE emphasizes linking professional practice to existing research, sound theorizing, and rigorous methodology. Go to the link "" and check for the degrees you want to apply for.

University of Education Attock Campus

The University of Education established its campus at Attock in the year 2002-2003 to provide quality education in this region. Today, UE Attock Campus stands tall as the first-choice destination for aspiring students who aim to choose teaching as a profession in their life. To guide our students in achieving their full potential in life is the core of our thinking and all our endeavors. "".

University of Education D.G. Khan Campus

UE Campus DG Khan is one of the prominent campuses of the University of Education Lahore. The campus was established in the beautiful building of the College of Education that was constructed and upgraded under the supervision of its pioneer principal, Prof. Muhammad Abdullah Khan (Late). ""

Programs Offered

The university offers Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate level programs at the university. There is a total of four educational divisions on the campus.

  • Division of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Division of Science and Technology
  • Division of Education
  • Division of Management and Administrative Sciences

Admission Criteria:

The criteria for the application submission for admission are simple. The minimum marks for admission to a bachelor's degree are 60% in the intermediate examination. For MPhil, 2.5 CGPA is compulsory in Bachelor's and for admission in Ph.D., the minimum CGPA should be 3.0. The admissions are awarded based on merit and no outer force is allowed to influence the admission process.

Admission Dates:

The admissions are opened twice a year, in spring and winter. The spring admission opens on the 7th of February and the regular admissions open on September 27th The advertisement is given all around the country to inform people about the admission. A specific date is announced for the admission test, which is compulsory for all students to pass. The passing marks for the admission test are 50%.

Admission Process.

The admission process is simple. You just have to visit the website "" and apply online for the degree you want. This does not require any special know-how of the technology.

  • Just click on the link ""
  • A page will pop up that will ask for your details and the details of your previous educational background
  • Add the degree for which you are applying
  • There will be some extra inquiries if you want to apply for some sort of scholarship or if you are into some kind of sports and want to apply on a sports basis
  • The admission is awarded merely on merit. The criteria of the admission awarding process are designed by the HEC and depend on the marks obtained in the intermediate and the admission test.
  • Fill out the admission form and update all the information correctly
  • Submit the admission fee challan to the respective bank and upload it on the website
  • Go along with the original documents to the university after admission

WBM Care Collaborates with the University of Education by Signing MOU.

The signing of an MOU between The University of Education and WBM Care is beneficial for both of them. In an MOU the first party is an educational institute and the other one is an international organization willing to collaborate. The MOU provides opportunities to both organizations. The company provides jobs and other opportunities to the students of the educational institute and the educational institute helps the other party in organizing seminars, webinars, and workshops. The second helps with their senior management visits at the premises of First Party as Guest Speakers Sessions and Projects Evaluations, Roadmap Adjustments as and when required with mutual consent. The second party facilitates and supervises First Party’s students in the selection and execution of pragmatic and futuristic Final Year Projects. First Party to facilitate Second Party in embedding their brand in the minds of youth through Campus Brand Activation as per First Party’s SOPs and Rules and Regulations.

Collaboration of WBM Care with UE for Job Fairs.

WBM Care organizes job fairs in educational institutes to provide an opportunity to the students to get jobs or internships so that they can work and gain experience. The partnership between WBM Care and the University of Education for the career fairs in collaboration in the future will open doors of opportunities for the students. The students will have the access to apply for internships and jobs in the company. The collaboration of this university with WBM care provides its students with the opportunity to learn more and more and excel in their fields. WBM care is a daughter company of WBM International. The main focus of the collaboration is to provide the students with a chance to work in an international company as an employee or as internet so that they can prepare themselves for the tough and challenging environment of the outer world where you have to fight for a spot.

Mega Career Fairs with the Collaborative Efforts.

A major challenge in business is to achieve business goals which can be a difficult task. The job fair is a way to present various potential benefits to companies. WBM Care also organizes job fairs in different universities to enhance their business and achieve their goals. In these job fairs, they offer different jobs and internships to the students of the universities. WBM Care does not currently organize it in NCA but some of the benefits of these job fairs, when organized by WBM Care in this university in the future, will be:

Access to Qualified Candidates:

The event will give a chance to recruit employees who excel in a specific field. Job fair helps the company to increase resumes received by the interested students who are qualified for the position they need.

Saving Time and Money:

The job fairs will help WBM C are in reaching a large pool of candidates without any advertisement. As the company pays a fee for participation, this will save time and money for WBM Care in approaching candidates.

Workshops and Seminars:

WBM will get a chance to provide a platform to organize workshops, seminars, and webinars in the university.

Brand awareness:

By participating in a job fair, WBM will be able to develop awareness among the students. Plus, it will help to develop the company’s reputation.

Face to face interaction:

This will also help in direct communication with the students. This will help decide whether the person is eligible for the Company or not.

WBM Foundation & UE.

WBM Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental sustainability. WBM Foundation is established in Section 42 of the companies Act, 2017 (Repealed Ordinance 1984), making a better, more innovative, resilient, harmonious, healthy, and sustainable future. To create a pollution-free and healthy Pakistan for future generations, as well as to bring about significant transformation by educating the masses about the environment. The mission of WBM care is to take courageous steps to SAVE MOTHER EARTH. Stimulating the general public to maintain and preserve a sustainable healthy environment, as well as reverse dangerous climate change, to accomplish tangible results that will benefit future generations.

The planet relies on forests to provide an abundant supply of clean water to the community. The partnership between WBM Care and the University of Education can help protect the environment from damage. We collaborate to clean the air and fight the consequences of climate change. This collaboration between us provides habitat for the endangered and threatened species of wildlife. As we all know, without trees, this world would be a vastly different place. So, let’s join hands together to make the earth full of gardens and a great living place. WBM Foundation inspires an enduring connection between plants and people so that vibrant green communities will flourish and sustain life. With this healthy collaboration, we together as a team can protect the environment from damage.

The WBM Foundation is dedicated to addressing the world's ongoing environmental issues and goes plays its role in contributing well to the protection of the environment.
University of Education
  • Promote a pollution-free environment & climate action
  • Conduct training workshops on Environment Protection
  • Protect Soil Erosion & practice Kitchen Gardening
  • Plantation & Afforestation
  • Clean Air & Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Energy Conservation
  • Waste Management & segregation
  • Promote biodegradable packaging material
  • Clean water and sanitation

The goal of this collaboration between WBM Care and the University of Education is to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the business world. The university is confident that this collaboration will be successful, and they are looking forward to benefiting from the expertise of the WBM. Further, with this collaboration WBM offers training and internship programs to university students for better growth in research and development.


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