Univeristy of Engineering & Technology (UET)

WBM Care's collaboration with the University of Engineering & Technology increases the opportunity for Research & Development. WBM with UET spreads knowledge about natural and organic personal care products. Along with skincare products with access to the latest technology and research. They partnered to provide education and training opportunities for students. Strengthen the relationship with the graduates about leadership and their career growth. This relationship also raises awareness of WBM Care among the students. WBM makes an effort to provide career opportunities for the students. The main focus is Innovation, Research & Development, and Sustainability. WBM and UET promote sharing of knowledge in the latest research and development practices.

UET started its career in 1921 by offering courses in engineering disciplines. UET offers 2 major disciplines, Mechanical Engineering & Electrical Engineering. In 1932, UET affiliated with PU, awarding a bachelor’s degree in Engineering. At the time of independence, the institution was well-established to provide B.Sc. Degree courses in Electrical, Mechanical, and Civil Engineering. The expansion began in 1962. The institute transformed to “West Pakistan University of Engineering & Technology”. This increase in the enrollment numbers forced the establishment of Engineering College in Taxila.

University of Engineering & Technology

Programs Offered at UET.


In a few years, the institute offered a bachelor’s degree in engineering disciplines. Later, UET started Masters and Postgraduate programs in various specialized fields. The disciplines include:

  • Metallurgical Engineering,
  • Chemical Engineering,
  • Architecture,
  • City & Regional Planning,
  • Petroleum & Gas Engineering.

UET Career Fair 2021 in Collaboration with WBM.

WBM Care always collaborates with UET to conduct 'Career Fairs'. These job fairs are a platform for the students to interact with dedicated employees. The demand for the Industry-Academia Liaison is ever-increasing. The industry is considered the major stakeholder. So, UET highlights developing a friendly relationship with business sectors and industries. This collaboration of job fairs between UET and WBM gives a vast opportunity to freshers. They can explore their skills, and interests in their career, and learn about the job profiles. Fresh graduates can learn to know about their strengths and weaknesses. UET and WBM Care organize career fairs to bridge these gaps, a great opportunity for professional life. This ambition of WBM and UET to collaborate develops the core areas.

UET & WBM Job Career Fair

They include research and education programs. This partnership between business-institute leads to the incubators that force the collaboration. A great platform for the industrial area and the university for R & D, orientation, recruitment, and internships.WBM conducted on-campus recruitment drives with the coordination of UET's Career Counselling Office. The purpose is to highlight the core values. More than 80 interviews were conducted in the university. Fresh graduates with reliable knowledge were offered internships so, they can focus on their career growth.The aim is to provide space for fresh graduates in top institutions. We work to make them enjoy the experiences in the professional environment. This collaboration about career fairs provides knowledge of their field and develops communication skills. It develops a network to explore the skills, and interests in practical life.

Faculty & Departments.

  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering
  • Faculty of Chemical, Metallurgical & Polymer Engineering
  • Faculty of Earth Sciences & Engineering
  • Faculty of Architecture & Planning
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences, Humanities & Islamic Studies

UET offers admissions in bachelor’s, master’s, and postgraduate programs. You can apply for the admissions online at "www.uet.edu.pk" The demand for engineering graduates increased with the expansion. One of the leading institutes in the world working on R & D. More beneficial to meet the needs of WBM and UET for future marketing, and awareness. A total of 11063 students are studying in various disciplines to pursue their skills. UET facilitates the students by promoting research, advisory services, and institute extension. ORIC regulates the postgraduate and master programs and provides funds for the research. The collaboration sponsored the research work in various disciplines. These include City & Regional Planning, and Architecture and Engineering. Further, this partnership evaluates the publications about the faculty research.

Strategic Collaborations of WBM with UET by signing MOU.

Promoting the academic and research collaborations between UET and WBM Care. By signing MOU, they allow the students to work on research projects in the future. They can exchange their experiences and ideas among the students and the professionals. This MOU signing will further help to develop joint teaching programs for the better development of research. Under this MOU, UET freshers can access the training and internship programs. While the engineers at WBM will own the opportunity to pursue advanced degrees. One of the great opportunities for the students through MOU signing is accessing innovative ideas. They can learn from professional experiences as well. In the future, signing MOU is a step forward for both WBM Care and UET.

The objectives of signing an MOU in the future are:

Create a seamless linkage in different areas. These include R & D, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and other career programs

Jobs & Internships:

Offers Training, Internships, and Jobs to the students to explore their skills

Seminars & Workshops:

This collaboration will help organize seminars, workshops, and webinars

Project to Product:

Supervise and help the students in the execution and selection of the final year projects

Workshops, Certifications & Courses:

Offer hands-on training, making them more satisfactory in the market

On-Campus Brand Marketing:

Joint Partnership embeds the mind of the leaders through marketing

Social Media Marketing:

These efforts will help them to place their logos and names on each other’s websites

Sustainable Development Initiative (SDI):

Develop joint proposals for the students. These include seminars, volunteer work, health and safety workshops, and other CSR activities

Corporate Discounts:

Offers discounts to students, provide them better future growth opportunities

COOP program:

Both the institute and the brand collaborate under HR through the COOP program. This helps to blend the work and classroom-based students to create and think well

Future Collaborations of WBM with UET for Exhibition Stalls.

In the future, the University of Engineering & Technology and WBM join hands to market them. The aim is to provide better career opportunities for the students to showcase their skills. Further, this will also help students to learn about innovative technology trends. WBM Care is a USA-based brand that specializes in its personal care range and displays its wide range. This works by collaborating with the prestigious engineering university of Pakistan. Both collaborate for future initiatives and research projects for the graduates.

Collaboration of WBM Ideas with UET for Incubation Centers.

WBM Ideas give a platform for entrepreneurs to execute their ideas. The entrepreneurs can go to these incubation centers of WBM for their career growth. We help these youngsters at any stage of the process.

WBM Ideas deals in
  • Financial Arrangements,
  • R & D,
  • Product Design & Manufacturing,
  • The Market Analysis of the Competitive Products in the Market,
  • Quality Control,
  • Customer Satisfaction.

This collaboration among UET and WBM Ideas builds a strong relationship and finds problem-solving solutions to technological problems.

UET & WBM Journey

WBM Foundation and UET.

WBM Foundation with UET has planted more than 10 million trees for environmental protection. WBM Foundation is a non-profit organization that works for the environmental cause, sustainability. WBM Foundation creates an innovative, sustainable, and healthy future for the living environment. The main cause is to bring revolutionary change by educating about the environment. WBM Foundation joins hands with UET in the future to make this earth land of gardens. This partnership inspires the connection between the people and the plants. This will create greenery to sustain life. University of Engineering & Technology and

WBM Collaboration will be a great success in the future.The fresh graduates of UET will get the opportunity to a lot of benefits from this collaboration. This can increase the quality of education in Pakistan as well as raise awareness and marketing of WBM. This collaboration will likely continue in the future for future betterment. WBM has partnered with UET to provide the best training related to the jobs, and internships for the graduates. We provide a strong base for entrepreneurs and students to continue their education and enter the workforce. We urge our community to support this effort and help us build a brighter future for the generations.


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