University of Health Sciences Lahore (UHS)

The University of Health Sciences (UHS) Lahore is a bright, internationally recognized, student-centered research university that is affiliated with 128 colleges and institutes. It has approximately 106916 undergraduate and 9157 postgraduate students enrolled. In 2002, the University was founded. It was the province's first dedicated health sciences university,

University of Health Science

On October 2, 2002, the President of Pakistan officially opened the UHS campus, which also serves as a guest. Its building has a commanding pillared elevation and houses luxurious classrooms, high-tech labs, dining halls, staff offices, a senate hall, and a library. The 500-seat Shams Auditorium, In both academic and social life, you will find a welcoming environment. The degree will be recognized by the HEC, PMDC, and PEC. Specialized facilities, slashing technology, and drilling educational and training techniques are used, all of which contribute to a perfect academic atmosphere. All of the affiliated institutions have purpose-built facilities and a majority of their faculty is foreign-trained. At the University of Health science,

has Worldwide-recognized teeth and disciplines are available at significantly lower study costs than in Europe and the United States. WBM Care collaborates with the University of Health Sciences Lahore to enhance the opportunities for the latest Research & Development. This collaboration may begin with simple communication. But it can also result in fruitful research findings. They spread knowledge about Natural and Organic personal care products. WBM Care collaborates with UHS’s main focus to provide career opportunities for students. Its primary goal is dedicated to quality education, innovative research, and its students' personal and intellectual development in a diverse academic community.

Programs Offer at UHS

In the province of Punjab, the University of Health Sciences is the only institution that offers specialization in medical, dental, and nursing. It also offers biomedical engineering and paramedic education. They offer bachelor’s, Master’s, and Postgraduate programs.


The disciplines are the following:
  • Anatomy Department
  • Institute of Biomedical & Allied Health Sciences
  • Biochemistry Department
  • Human Genetics & Molecular Biology Department
  • Hematology Department
  • Immunology Department
  • Microbiology Department
  • Morbid Anatomy & Histopathology Department
  • Nursing & Post Graduate Education Department
  • Physiology Department
  • Pharmacology Department
  • Forensic Sciences Department
  • Chemical Pathology Department
  • I.L.E.M UHS
  • Oral Pathology Department
  • Oral Biology Department
  • Family Medicine Department
  • Medical Education Department
  • Public Health Department
  • Centre for Happiness and Well-Being
  • Behavioral Sciences

Affiliation Disciplines

UHS has affiliations with nearly all of Punjab's public and private medical and dental schools. The University is committed to providing high-quality education in the following departments:

  • Basic Medical Sciences
  • revitalizing the underserved fields of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences
  • Pioneering courses in Medical Education
  • Human Genetics
  • Behavioral Sciences
  • Fostering indigenous research activities

Apply For Admission

UHS offers admissions in bachelor’s, master’s, and postgraduate programs. You can apply for the admissions online at "" Admissions will be formed on merit based on the following criteria Such as 60% Qualifications with a previous academic record and relevant experience.

The application process will consist of two mandatory phases:
  • Online Submission
  • Manual Submission
Health Science University

Before applying online, the candidate must pay a processing fee of Rs.2000/- (Non-refundable) per application via Bank Challan. In his or her online application form, the candidate must include the number of his or her bank Challan. Forms must be filled out carefully. The printed application form(s), along with attested copies of documents and certificates (as specified in the application form) CNIC, Admission Test result, card, and passport size colored photographs. It must be delivered to the office of the Director Admin University of Health Sciences, Khayaban-e-Jamia Punjab, Lahore-Pakistan, by post or in person during working hours.

Demands & Expectations

One of the world's leading research and development institutes, and a leader in healthcare management. With expectations came an increase in the demand for medical graduates. This partnership also raises student awareness of WBM Care. The aim is to provide a platform for students, “who love to do and what to do”. WBM Care educates people about natural and organic health care and personal care. And opportunities for students to meet their needs and develop their skills. More valuable in meeting the demand for WBM and UHS for future marketing and awareness.

WBM & UHS Collaboration By Signing MOU

Growing academic and research collaborations between UHS and WBM Care. They permit the students to work on future research projects by signing an MOU. They can share their knowledge and experiences with students and professionals alike. This memorandum of understanding signing will aid in the development of joint education programs for the advancement of research. Under the terms of this MOU, UHS fresh students will be able to take part in training and internship programs. Signing an MOU in the future is a positive step for both WBM Care and UHS.

MoU Objectives:

Workshops, Certifications, and Courses:

Provide hands-on specialized training, making them more valuable. They conduct workshops and different courses related to their field. They explore their skills and learn about their interest.

Guest Speaker Sessions:

With mutual knowledge or permission. WBM Care will collaborate for their top leadership visits to the facilities of the UHS as Guest Speakers Sessions Project Evaluations, Action plan Adjustments.

Faculty Internship:

Students can get training, internships, and jobs to help them develop their skills.

Corporate Discounts:

Provides students with discounts in exchange for better future growth opportunities.

Sustainable Development Initiative (SDI):

Create collaborative proposals for the students. They include health and safety workshops, volunteer work, and other CSR activities.

UHS Job Fair 2022 In Collaboration With WBM

WBM Care will work with UHS to hold ‘Job Fairs’. They will provide an opportunity for students to interact with dedicated employees. The need for an Industry-Academia Close collaboration is growing all the time. The industry is regarded as the most important shareholder. As a result, UHS emphasizes the importance of cultivating friendly relationships with business sectors and industries. This collaboration of job fairs between UHS and WBM provides a bunch of opportunities for recent graduates. They can learn about job profiles and explore their skills and interests there. New graduates can learn about their strengths and weaknesses.

Benefits Of Job Fair 2022

In the future, the WBM job fair 2022, in collaboration with UHS. Provides excellent opportunities for students while also adding value to the company. WBM Care prefers university students for internships and also offers job opportunities. They will need career research skills and will also be supported financially. WBM Care will hold on-campus seminars and workshops. It provides students with a research-based platform to explore their skills. The aim is to attract attention to the core values of their life. Internships will be made available to recent graduates with dependable knowledge so that they can focus on their professional development.

WBM Ideas Collaborate With UHS For Business Purpose

WBM Ideas provides a platform for startups to implement their ideas. WBM Ideas provides a platform for startups to put in place their ideas. Innovators can use this WBM business to develop their careers. We assist these youth at any stage of the process. They’re one of the future ideas is women’s empowerment. The main aim is to support women in their businesses. This collaboration between UHS and WBM Ideas creates a strong relationship while also identifying problem-solving solutions to practical issues.

WBM Ideas offer the following help:

  • Financial Planning
  • Innovation
  • Product Design & Manufacturing
  • Market Analysis
  • Quality Control
  • Customer Satisfaction

WBM Foundation & UHS

WBM Foundation, in collaboration with UHS, has planted over 10 million trees for environmental protection. WBM Foundation is an independent organization dedicated to environmental sustainability. WBM Foundation envisions a future that is innovative, sustainable, and healthy for the living environment. This collaboration enhances the bond between people and plants. The primary goal is to bring about revolutionary change by educating people about the environment.

Expected Success In Future

The collaboration between the University of Health Sciences Lahore and WBM will be a huge success in the future. The recent graduates of UHS and people who find jobs will provide many benefits from this collaboration. This can increase the awareness of the marketing of WBM. It also improves education quality in Pakistan. WBM Care will offer job opportunities for freshers. Provide internship programs related to research or any field. They offer Amazon and e-commerce free training for students who want to online work at home. We explore our community to join us in this effort and help us create a better future for future generations.


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  • Baby Care
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