University of Karachi (UOK)

The University of Karachi is the biggest in the country. It has eight faculties with which all of the city’s colleges are linked. Five of these faculties' Arts, Science, Pharmacy, Management, and Administrative Science, and Islamic Learning hold B.Sc., M.S, M.Phil., and Ph.D. disciplines while the Faculties of Medicine, Law and Education assess students admitted to their connected colleges. Under all faculties, research programs leading to M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees are available. A Haleem was the 1st Vice-Chancellor of the University of Karachi. The University of Karachi served as an examination University for associated colleges for the first two years.


The University of Karachi is spread over 1200 acres of land. It was created as a Federal University by the parliament in 1951. However, its status was redefined in 1962 by another act of parliament as the university of Sindh province. The Karachi University Act was passed on October 23, 1950. It began teaching and conducting research at two faculties of arts and sciences in 1953. The university, which began with a student of 50, has grown to include 53 departments. 20 renowned research centers and institutes organized under eight faculties. Arts, Science, Islamic Studies, Pharmacy, Management, and Administrative Sciences, Law, Education, and Medicine. As of June 30, 2018, the number of regular students enrolled at the Campus was more than 41,000. Over 700 teachers and 2100 support workers work at the school. The vision of the University of Karachi is “We aspire to a new dimension of progress based on social equality, and sustainability. The security is rooted in history's magnificent years. We strive to make our students the epitome of excellence and to be known as forward-thinking. The renowned school for leadership and innovation”. The mission of the University of Karachi is “Creating understanding knowledge and inspiring minds. In communication with the world around us to develop effective and responsible leaders. We focus on competency-based education, using our resources to deliver experiential learning. It is committed to continuous improvement. They connect our research and outreach activities to our economy's driving factors”.

The Core Values of the University of Karachi are as follows

  • Affordability and equity in equal opportunities.
  • Ethical behavior in a meaningful setting teaching excellence and intellectual growth.
  • Diversity is valued, and there is a sense of belonging in the community.

The University of Karachi and WBM Care have collaborated to foster a better understanding between the two institutions. The collaboration has resulted in increased research opportunities, joint publications, and more collaborations between faculty members from both institutions. The collaboration has also helped to strengthen ties between the two institutions and their respective communities.

University of Karachi

Campuses of Karachi University

The University of Karachi is a Public Research University that is located in Karachi, Pakistan. Karachi University is one of the largest universities in Pakistan. The University of Karachi has only one campus, which is 1279 acres in size. The UOK offers some digital resources. Through its E-library, the University of Karachi also provides digital resources such as e-books and e-periodicals. A professional job placement desk is also

Karachi University

Location: Main University Rd, University of Karachi, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75270.

available at the university to help students with job searches, placements, and internships. The University of Karachi also has affiliations. The examining body, with 145 colleges and institutions is now affiliated. The University approves the courses of study for these schools, and examinations are also held under its auspices. The University administers exams to around 150,000 students. They are enrolled in various colleges/institutes, prepare results, and confer degrees

Courses Offered at the University of Karachi.

The Faculty of Education was established in 1970 and has governed all colleges & teaching education in Karachi. Total 53 Departments, 20 Research Centers at UOK under eight faculties.

Faculty & Department.

  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Islamic Studies
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Management & Administrative Sciences.
  • Faculty of Medicine.
  • Faculty of Pharmacy.
  • Faculty of Science.
  • Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences.

Admission Process of the University of Karachi.

At UOK, different steps for the admission form submission are as follows:

  • Sign-up at Online Admission Portal "" By using a valid email address or CNIC.
  • Sign in by using the registered CNIC and password.
  • Bring your all documents while you are going to Karachi University.
  • Access the form & read the admission criteria.
  • Attach the scanned images and the challan slip and submit your form.
  • Fill out the admission form.

Admission Dates of the University of Karachi.

Admissions at the University of Karachi start and end every year in February

If you want more details then visit the website University of Karachi

Apply on the website, provide your proper personal information and submit the application form

Submit the fee challan in the bank and upload its copy on the website portal

Do carry the original documents with you at the time of the interview to avoid inconvenience

Admission Open

Job Fairs at the University of Karachi.

WBM Care provides a platform for the University of Karachi students to interact with professional people. They improve their capabilities by utilizing modern technology. They provide a lot of opportunities for refreshers and the development of interest in a particular career field. Students learn about their internal and external factors through this future collaboration.

If the university collaborates in the future, then WBM Care provides some functionalities for the university students like:

  • Offer Internship programs.
  • Provide Certifications.
  • Knowledge-sharing & Research.
  • Conduct Workshops & Seminars.

WBM Care not only conducts “Career Fairs” but also conducts exhibition stalls for the university students at one time. The basic aim is to provide better opportunities for university students. The company can work with universities to do research and specific projects. That is related to your products, services, or industry. While studying, students can gain real-world and hands-on experience. This collaboration between the universities and colleges is more competitive.

Collaboration by Signing MoU between the University of Karachi & WBM.

To build a strategic alliance and seamless linkage between the parties in the learning and development sectors. The research, innovation, entrepreneurship, and other outlets. Such as consultation, cooperative educational programming, and job prospects for participants.

Internships and Jobs:

According to the policies, the company will provide internships and MTO programs.

COOP Program:

Company and brand will collaborate to develop specialist HR. In a Structured Program, they blend classroom-based learning and work-based learning. It develops different abilities in the students. It engages in different skills that develop an interest in career life and create value for the organization.

Workshops and Seminars:

The Karachi University will provide a platform for WBM. They host workshops and seminars in their industries.

Guest Speaker Sessions:

The Company and the University will collaborate with the senior management. They visit the Karachi University for the Guest Speakers Sessions and the Project Evaluations.

From Project to Product:

The students of the University will be tested and monitored in the selection. The implementation of practical and futuristic FYP by the company.

Corporate Industry Advisory Board:

The representatives of the WBM will be appointed to the UOK as an industry advisory board. Which will advise the students on current business trends and needs. The university may then incorporate it into its curriculum.

Faculty Internships:

The WBM Care will provide internships for Karachi University students. The main purpose is to enhance their abilities.

Orientation Tours:

The WBM should help the Karachi University students. Such as class projects, assignments, case studies, and Orientation tours of the WBM facilities as needed.

Specialized Skill Development Workshops, Courses, and Certifications:

The company will give hands-on training in its office premises to make the university students more employable.

On-Campus Brand Activation:

The university will support the company in establishing its brand in the minds of students. Through the on-campus brand activities like exhibitions and career fairs. According to the university rules & regulations.

Premises Usage:

The first is to offer different facilities and students. They should participate in career fair activities.

Interviews of Senior Management:

company will host interviews with university students. They will be carried on the company television station.

Social Media Marketing:

The names and logos will be displayed on each other's websites when the company’s and brand’s MoU is signed. If both agree then placement can be arranged.

Consulting Program:

The UOK will provide technical and management consulting. The services with mutual consent. The WBM will optimize its business performance through innovative solutions.

Corporate Discount:

WBM offer a straight 30% discount. If three collectives' industry participants apply for them.


WBM Foundation wants to improve its living environment by making it healthier & more sustainable. WBM wants to collaborate with Karachi University to build a garden space in the world. This would increase WBM Foundation awareness and marketing in Pakistan while also raising educational standards. For

WBM Foundation

the satisfaction of the brand and company, this collaboration will continue in the future for further advancement in technologies. If they collaborate then WBM will train the students of Karachi university to develop an interest in career life. WBM Foundation wants to build plantation awareness that how plantation is important in our environment in any field. The main cause is to bring revolutionary change to our environment. We provide a stable platform for students and companies to excel further in their education and enter the workforce. We urge our community to join us in this effort and assist us in creating a brighter future for future generations. WBM provides the best training courses and workshops to the students of Karachi University related to the jobs, and internships for fresh graduates. This would improve the quality of education in Pakistan and other countries with the help of the foundation. With the help of collaboration, the university provides a bright future to the students with the usage of WBM Care.


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