University of Management and Technology (UMT)

Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Trust has established the project of UMT. Recalling history, the Institute of Leadership and Management was established in 1990 by the leading educationists, professionals, and industrialists of that time. The goal was to boost organizational and individual success. The University offers a wide array of more than 150+ bachelor, master, and doctoral degree programs. All the programs are academically aligned with HEC provided standards. Today, the University of Management and Technology has become one of the leading national academic institutions of higher education. It is now being known under the “W4” category of universities as supported by the Higher Education Commission. With more than 30+ years of excellence, UMT now holds more than 25,000 students pursuing their degrees in various departments.

An estimate of 96% student satisfaction rate and 91% employment rate within 6 months of degree completion is observed. It includes 700+ skilled Faculty Members with 220 Ph.D. Faculties and 18 Schools/Institutes. With 60+ International Linkages around the globe, it exhibits more than 30% improvement in the Research area. Besides, the university offers financial assistance to the students by the 1:3 ratio. In general, it has offered more than 5 Billion PKR for student scholarships. All these stats belong to the year 2022. UMT is an institute that helps you rebuild your mindset, enrich your outlook and construct your knowledge. It enhances your character traits and refines your overall personality. The goal is to become an institute that promotes integrated societal development. It wants people to enhance their hopes by achieving their dreams. It generates revolutionary yet sustainable knowledge among individuals. To transform the dreams into a reality, the university not just silently trains the learners but allows them to become well-informed, independent, and inspired leaders. It empowers them to excel in the world of business through inventive research and progressive innovation. It connects its students to a community with which they can live, explore, and foster their passion to create a new world. WBM Care collaborates with the University of Management and Technology for the establishment of a collaborative relationship between both sides concerning their mutual interests. The goal is to induce passion among the new generation regarding the modern era of advanced technology, research, development, and innovations. The collaboration of this Academic Centre with a Corporate Industry offers various opportunities. Internships and Placements opportunities allow the youngsters to explore the revolutionary market trends. This makes strong connections between both parties in terms of Learning, R & D, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Consulting Program, Cooperative Education Program, and other career breakthroughs.

Courses Offered

How To Apply For University Of Management And Technology?

  • Visit UMT Admission Portal at and signup.
  • Sign in and complete your application.
  • A challan of PKR 1500 will be paid in HBL as an application processing fee.
  • Scan the paid challan and upload it in the respective segment of your application.
  • Complete the other requirements as asked in the application form and submit
  • Once shortlisted, the applicant has to bring his/her original documents to the university for confirmation
  • Addmission Open

    Admission Date's

    UMT Schools and Institutes

  • Dr.Hasan Murad School of Management
  • Institute of Aviation Studies
  • Institute of Liberal Arts
  • School of Architecture and Planning
  • School of Commerce and Accountancy
  • School of Design and Textiles
  • School of Engineering
  • School of Food and Agricultural Sciences
  • School of Governance and Society
  • School of Health Sciences
  • School of Law and Policy
  • School of Media and Communication Studies
  • School of Pharmacy
  • School of Professional Advancement
  • School of Professional Psychology
  • School of Science
  • School of Social Sciences and Humanities
  • School of Systems and Technology
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

    A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between WBM and UMT. It outlines a non-binding agreement between both parties to establish a good working relationship. The MoU explains the following terms.

    Jobs / Internships Opportunities

    The organization provides job and internship opportunities to university students that may lead to their permanent positions in the organization in the future. The students learn as per their degree of interest and fields.

    Seminars / Workshops

    Under this segment, the university permits WBM Care to conduct various events. These include training, workshops, conferences, seminars, and webinars within their premises. WBM Care organizes various other activities to promote the brand within the university zone.

    Guest Speaker Sessions

    The university permits the brand’s senior management visits within its grounds as guest speakers. The subjects can revolve around promoting the brand to the motivational sessions for youngsters.

    Workshops / Courses / Certifications

    The organization offers various training and conducts numerous workshops for the students within the university or the office. This helps them to hold their skills more strongly and to be more suitable around the market.

    Consulting Programs

    With the joint approval, the organization provides Consultative, Technological, and Management Services to the other party to optimize the corporate functioning at both ends.

    COOP Program

    COOP is s structured program that combines classroom and work-based learning. It turns students into capable and intuitive graduates with the ability to think and be productive for the associated company. This program helps both parties to join hands in HR development.

    Incubation Opportunities

    WBM carries a platform under its roof as “WBM Ideas” that provides incubation opportunities for entrepreneurs so that they can bring their ideas to the table and see them practically gaining a shape.

    Group Discounts

    If more than 3 individuals apply for admission in any of the offered programs, a 30% group discount will be granted to them.

    UMT & WBM Job Career Fair

    Job / Career Fairs

    WBM Care has conducted many carrier fairs on the premises of UMT. It has provided the students with internships and jobs opportunities in various industrial sectors as per their interests and fields. The HR Department of WBM Group conducted numerous rounds of Job Fair to provide maximum slots to the fresher. More than 100 students from the University of Management and Technology joined forces with WBM to enhance their working and intellectual skills. They worked in different departments to gain a different degree of knowledge.

    WBM Product Range Exhibition

    WBM Care has organized various marketing exhibitions on the premise of the university. The purpose is to promote a better understanding of the brand among people. Exhibiting its premium personal care product range has been a great opportunity for everyone. It opened people’s minds regarding the latest technologies in the field. It helped them deeply understand the natural, organic and sustainable manufacturing of products. As the world is shifting abruptly, these kinds of activities modify the perspectives of people. Such practices link people with the latest world and its approaches.

    UMT & WBM

    WBM Foundation and UMT

    WBM Foundation

    University of Management and Technology joins forces with WBM Foundation for a better cause. Here, the goal is similar, ‘To make the planet a better and healthy place for us as well as future generations. The aim is to create a society in which resources are shared equally by everyone. WBM Foundation targets to develop a pollution-free and clean planet so that future generations can admire its beauty of it. In a nutshell, this collaboration between WBM Care and the University of Management and Technology will open the paths for many productive initiatives at both ends. The associated terms and policies allow a better level of understanding and skill polishing for the students. Such activities benefit both parties. The company gains access to new resources to market its business. The university becomes able to tap into the talent of their students practically.


    To achieve this goal, both WBM Care and UMT mutually bring forward various initiatives at both individuals as well as mutual levels. WBM Foundation conducts plantation drives, organizes workshops and seminars, particularly for this purpose. It educates the people and describes the value of a person in promoting the cleanliness of the planet for their good. Both the WBM Care and UMT have joined proposals for a Sustainable Development Initiative (SDI). It initiates various activities for the students and society. A few ones are Health & Safety Training, Volunteer Work, Seminars, Webinars, Plantation Drives, and other such endeavors.


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    • Bahria University
    • Comsats University
    • GC University
    • Lahore University
    • University of Central Punjab
    • University of Engineering and Technology
    • University of Management and Technology
    • University of South Asia
    • Hajvery University
    • Lahore Garrison University
    • Sahiwal University
    • Univesity of Karachi
    • Lahore School of Ecnomics
    • Forman Christian College (A Chartered University)
    • Gujranwala Institute of Future Technologies
    • Information Technology University
    • Minhaj Universtiy
    • Natioal College of Art's
    • National Universit of Sciences & Technology
    • University of Health Sciences
    • University of Education
    • Virtual University
    • Iqra University
    • Sargodha University


    • WBM Beauty
    • Himalayan Glow
    • Natural Solution
    • Salt Range
    • Shoe Care
    • WBM Smart
    • W World
    • Belux
    • Salt 84
    • Baby Care
    • Women Care


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