University of South Asia (USA)

WBM Care works with the University OF South Asia to increase the knowledge among the students. WBM will be able to spread information about the use and benefits of natural and organic personal care products. The students will have access to research and technology and learn more about innovation. This collaboration will provide the opportunity to the USA student. WBM will provide them with educational and training possibilities and offer them internship programs. This promotes USA's engagement with young professionals in their professional development.

In 1987, Mr. Mahmood Sadiq founded the National College of Computer Sciences (NCCS) now known as the University of South Asia. He established the college to provide new skills to Pakistani youth at a period when Computer Studies was not part of the educational landscape in Pakistan. NCCS's mission was to safeguard the importance of education in shaping students' personalities, as well as their social well-being and privileged living once they completed their studies. Gateway Technologies (Pvt.) Limited is a partner in the University of South Asia project.

University of South Asia


The university has three campuses in Lahore:

  • Cantt Campus: 47 Tufail Road, Lahore Cantt.
  • Raiwind Road Campus: 5 km from Thokar Niaz Baig
  • Burki Campus: Barki Road

Collaboration of WBM with the USA by Signing MOU

In the future, WBM Care and the University of South Asia will establish a Memorandum of Understanding to improve research and academic collaboration. It will allow graduates to collaborate on research initiatives and share their thoughts and experiences. MOUs are not legally binding, but they convey a level of seriousness and mutual respect that is higher than a friendly agreement. Under the terms of the MOU, USA Students will be able to take part in training and internship programs.

The objectives of MOU are:

Trainings & Internships:

Students can explore their skills in the sector through training, internships.

COOP program:

The institute and the brand collaborate under HR. This allows students to combine their work and classroom learning to create and think creatively

Workshops & Webinars:

This collaboration aids in the organization of university-level lectures, workshops.

Final Year Project:

The students are supervised and assisted in the implementation and selection of final year projects

Training Programs:

Signing a Memorandum of Understanding provides hands-on training programs.


Brand activation on campus, Joint Partnership embeds the minds of future leaders


Following the signing of the MOU, the parties' collaboration efforts will assist them in placing their logos.

Discount and Offers:

Discounts for university students, as well as improved prospects for their future.

Academics Programs Offered at the USA

The university offers undergraduate and graduate academic programs, in the following faculties.

  • Faculty of Computer Sciences
  • Faculty of Management Sciences
  • Faculty of Commerce
  • Faculty of Allied Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Engineering and Technology
  • Faculty of Art and Fashion Designs
  • Food & Dietetics
  • Human Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Physical Therapy Assistant
  • Fashion Design
  • Interior Designs
  • Architecture
  • Accounting and Finance
You can apply for admissions online at ""

The deadline for admission is after the announcement of Intermediate Part-II examination results for the fall semester and following the announcement of Intermediate Part-II Supplementary examination results for the spring semester. According to the admissions timetable, the first semester’s fee is due at the time of admission, and further semester’s fees are due on the first week of December and May. The prospectus contains the most up-to-date cost structure for all programs, which is available to all the candidates. They are offering three types of scholarships based Merit, Alumni Scholarships, and Kinship Scholarships.


The university provides a platform for young people to be educated, trained, and empowered with information, skills, and vision. It plays a positive and important role in their own lives and society. They have established a Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE), which is dedicated to promoting innovation and entrepreneurship. It is fully equipped with all the elements necessary to generate successful entrepreneurs. This collaboration satisfies the institutes and brand's marketing. Spread awareness needs in the future. A total of 3999 students are now enrolled in a variety of fields to pursue their skills and interests. The University of South Asia plays a critical part in student growth and development. The university graduates serve as agents of progress and advancement and can become a positive change. They will become trained in their areas of specialization and understand the art of learning. The University of South Asia has been a chartered institution for 16 years. It has been delivering high-quality education in the private sector for 31 years. Every student can find an academic program in the University, ranging from engineering to computer science, health sciences, business management, and language and literature.

Future Collaboration of WBM with the USA for Career Fair

WBM Care works in partnership with the University of South Asia and other universities in organizing job fairs. It allows the students to network with possible employers. The mission is to impart a higher level of knowledge and provide students with the mentality and discovery tools. They need to establish professions and make informed decisions. The goal is to improve students’ employability and the University’s international standing. Students will get the most up-to-date information and knowledge to assist them improves their profiles. WBM Care and USA will host career fairs in the future that will help bridge the gap between education and employment. It provides a fantastic opportunity to move ahead with a professional start to career planning.


The goal of the USA’s relationship with WBM Care is to make their graduates inspired and motivated citizens. It will contribute to Pakistan’s Future and further enhance the fundamentals missions of teaching and research, market academic, innovation, patenting, and incubators. It will provide a forum for the university and the industry to collaborate on recruitment, orientation, and internships. WBM Care will hold an on-campus recruitment drive in collaboration with USA Career Counseling Office, emphasizing its core values. Many interviews will be performed in collaboration with WBM Care, to gather fresh graduates with solid expertise who wish to focus on job chances. Fresh Graduates from the top-tier will be allowed to show their expertise in a professional business environment. This job fair partnership gave an understanding of their fields, global current events, and great communication abilities. These collaborative job fairs not only provide employment options for recent graduates but also provide a network for them to explore their careers and abilities, as well as professional growth.

Collaboration of WBM with the USA for Exhibition Stalls

The University of South Asia and WBM Care will set up exhibition stalls in the future as part of their cooperation for future growth. The main goal is to provide many benefits to the students and give them all sorts of scholarships to develop new talent. This will also assist students in learning about the most recent technological and innovative trends. WBM Care is a personal care brand located in the United States that showcases its extensive variety by cooperating with Pakistan's famous universities.


WBM Ideas and the USA

WBM Ideas aim to empower individuals by allowing them to put their ideas on the table and witness them take shape. It informs people about modern working skills and techniques and assists them in achieving their objectives. This collaboration will allow graduates to put their ideas into action and assist them at any stage, including financial agreements, research and development, product design and manufacturing, a market analysis of competing products, quality control, and customer satisfaction.

WBM Foundation

WBM Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental sustainability. It has been in operation since 2004 and was officially registered in 2011. In the future, WBM Foundation will conduct seminars with the University of South Asia and will plant many trees as possible.


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